How To Get The Best Out From Directory Submission
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Posted by Sanket Patel

February 11, 2013

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A while back, we have discussed the aspects that affect the Directory submission after panda and penguin updates. Now, we are here to discuss an intelligent directory strategy and the importance of different categories. In directory submission, it is very important that to choose the right category before you submit your directory.

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Intelligent directory strategy:

After the panda and penguin updates, a lot of search engine optimizers think that it is not worth spending time and energy on submitting directories. The fact is as long as you submit in quality directories with relevant categories, it can provide you with a great amount of traffic and backlinks. An intelligent directory strategy provides depth to your SEO campaigns and provides various benefits as given below:

To get one-way links
Brand Awareness
Niche Directory submission
Guarantees search Engine indexing
Qualified referral traffic
Citations for different vertical ranking algorithms

There is lot to know more about directory submission when, where and how to submit your directories to the niche directory so that they can provide authority and diversity. Niche directories always represent a specific subject, topic and industry. They can help you to fetch heavy flow of traffic than general directories.

So, Are you looking for any queries that help you to find niche directories? Here are some keys to find niche directories.

“Keyword” intitle:“directory”
“Keyword”intitle:”Submit URL”
“Keyword”intitle:”Submit a site”
“Keyword “intitle:”directory””Submit”

For instant submission directories: “Keyword” intitle: directory inurl:php

For niche specific,Local directories:
“keyword” inurl:”directory” “add business” “city name”
“keyword” inurl:”directory” “add url” ”city name”
“keyword” inurl:”directory” “submit url” ”city name”

From These queries, You should get plenty of results with variations. We have categorized different directories into three categories:

Web directories:

Getting links easily is not applicable in the process of directory submission. If in case it happens there are high chances of low-quality links. The more low-quality link gets a negative result from the search engines.

If you are searching for directory links, then there are several points to keep in your mind;

1)Use selective directory: This is a very important thing that every directory link is not the right choice for your site, search for a selective and quality directory link.

2)Natural link: You should build one genuine natural link rather than generating plenty of links.

3)Research: You can research your link that’s where it will be placed, and make sure they are indexing it or not.

4)Relevancy: It is necessary to be sure that the link has the potential to send qualified traffic to your site or not. Relevancy matters a lot to fetch a lot of traffic and to get a higher position in search results

But, I noticed that if you are trying to get a link from a directory then it is better to try from a large well-known directory rather than a smaller niche site.

Social Directories:

Social directories allow you to share your content on the most popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google + which give you very positive results in reaching the targeted traffic.

1)Build up a profile: A person has to build up a strong profile,  in order to build a high reputation in the market. A high reputation brings authority and increases the credibility of the site

2)Content is a king: Social sites allow you to publish pieces of content. If you are sharing your URL, then it definitely leads you to be known by a large group of people and also by search Engines.

3)Be a participate: Generally, web marketers are only focusing few sites. But, In some manner it is not right, to participate in a few of the sites. A trusted authority is only built when you share more and more quality content

Local Citation Directories:

Many webmasters used to prefer local directories, But wait it’s not about the link, it’s about the citation. Citations help search Engines to confirm the businesses, their contact information and also being a categorization. Simply, with a large number of citations, businesses will rank higher compared to fewer citations.

This is going to be very interesting to see whether any SEO can take benefit of tactics regarding directories. This is a lengthy process to research a particular directory but by following this information it will be easy for you to judge the directory.



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