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Sanket Patel

Posted by Sanket Patel

January 17, 2013

The New Face Of Directory Submission After Penguin Updates

Are you looking to increase the popularity of your website and to build a traffic through links? The answer is obviously yes. There is lot of buzz happening about the services of seo these days, in which there remains a common opinion for directories. They are now considered as outdated for the seo industry. The fact is those who apply such statements are far away from knowing the benefits of utilizing directories.Penguin Proof Directory SubmissionWith so many SEO tools gaining exposure with the Search Engine like Yahoo, Google, Bing and Alta Vista, Directory Submission is also one of the most useful tools which helps to improve website ranking and to generate quality traffic. After the Google panda and penguin updates, it is very important to have a quality directory, related to a niche with the arrival of recent strategies like infographics and guest posting, Directory submissions also have the same potential to deliver positive result in the link builder’s portfolio. However There are some tips which I shares over here pays a vital role.

1)Quality : If you have plenty list of directories, all are local and niche, it doesn’t mean that they have the same quality. They are not guaranteed to provide you the good results. Therefore it is very important to focus more on high quality and paid directories as they play a vital role in getting a website listed in major directories and to increase the link popularity.

2)Relevance: Another most important aspect to look for the directories is “Relavancy”. You have to make sure that directories, in which you are submitting is relevant and obtain suitable category or not. If you have the directories which don’t link back to your site, but having high authority, it will surely add value to your website.

3)Diversity: Creativity is always necessary for all the Link builders. They have to maintain the ratio of new tricks rather than relying on the old ones. In directory submission you have to create a new title descriptions by using appropriate keywords. Using the same title, link and keyword for every submission is not worthy and only increase the chances of being slapped by the Google.

4)Timimg : Now Google give main attention to the link profile. It is very necessary to submit directory to relevant and niche category consistently in order to get fruitful results. Directory Submissions are still very useful tool, if it is used by following proper guidelines

All in all, I just want to convey that Directory submission is good for SEO, also it will be become effective, if you do it in a right way. Many well established websites provide a standard results of directories with different criteria.

We are pleased to announce the latest list of directories, which help you to find an easy way.

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