Content Is king but without Proper Marketing it is Nothing

Posted by Sanket Patel

January 04, 2012

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As a modern ‘White Hat SEO “everybody tells you that content is king. Creating something that is attractive, relevant and worthy of liaison takes time, money, skill, and therefore. Whether it’s the opportunity cost of time or hires someone to actually go out and do the work for you do not really matter – the important thing is that by producing this content you expect to see some organic benefit. Unfortunately, this does not happen automatically and too often a great content fails or is overwhelmed by somewhat less, and have not been marketed properly.

When it comes to content creation the most important concept to grasp is the fact that it is an asset. As a rental property or stock and share, its content has the potential to generate foreign exchange coldly. As an SEO you could see a link, the higher score, the more sales and organic traffic – the point is that you can’t wait or hoping that something would happen automatically. You have to work on it and help your content to get spread or being popular.
Why Market your content?
Suppose we invested a lot of time and effort into creating an amazing piece of kinetic typography to generate some additional awareness for our boarding kennels. Perhaps a bit exaggerated (pardon the pun), but for small businesses, local, the difference between the organic classification of high and low could be just a piece of great content that is linked to over and over again. Simply upload your video to YouTube and hope that people find it sounds like a ridiculous thing to do, but this happens again and again.

If it’s a video, computer graphics, how-to guide, or anything else of substance that needs to make sure people know about it. There are certain key media for almost any type of content:
• Social Media
• Bloggers
• Journalists
• Content directories (YouTube, Vimeo,, etc)
• Customers
Social Media
Social is a great place to promote your content. Whether it can be Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon or any other social network just you have to consider that they have the potential to generate that traffic you are in search of. I’m still having great success while using Social Networks (though I know many says’s that social’s are a past history), as they think social sites are particularly for the fun and the graphical content. So I personally think that the use of Social Media is a great idea to promote your content.

Also, especially on Facebook and Twitter, asking people you know or an influential person in place to share your content is major risks free, to reach a wider audience. If you have created something really big, then you never know – you may get lucky and go viral!


Then we have the bloggers. Whether they are in place directly or have a potential interest in content for other reasons (ie you’ve created something that bloggers can be related to) then you have to tell people about it. Spend some time researching a list of blogs and get to their owners. This could be through social media, email or a letter (it is worth trying if someone really; really wants to make contact with). As long as not spam, most bloggers are sending thanks for your great content, as it provides them with an easy way to get to a place known only to their readers love.

I’ve had great success with bloggers to create content for Marketing simply because I have plunged into the niche. Help when it comes to something you are really interested in and spend time talking with people, meet and share their content can quickly build relationships that will help you over and over again. Using Blogger is a worthy investment of your time.

Decent links

If you have created something worthy of the news, do not forget the press release. If you are through the distribution of this free service in place or through such, or that you are guaranteed at least two links back to your content. Taking this a little further, it’s good to be in contact with the journalists of your field. Well, it’s had to impress them but it may be possible if you’re succeeded to create something that might be of their interest. Always try to be into their focus well its fact sometimes we all need to play a bigger game. You never a know-next time they are ranking to the experts in a particular field your name will strike in their heads!

From a little difficult to truly ripe fruit, content directories are a great way to get your stuff out there. It can be a YouTube video or graphics on, it has a relatively small amount of time and is an easy way to reach a wider audience and pick up some good connections. Try to be selective and avoid most of the payable services.

Don’t Forget Your Customers

Finally, do not forget your customers. If someone has already bought anything from you, means they have entered into a relationship – your job now is to make the most of it, so give people the opportunity to share something about you and your style of interaction with their friends is really a great way to deepen that relationship. If you are producing newsletters, please not only promote products in it – people talking about your content too. Leave subtly content product pages. Push your content on social networks and interact with people who share or are “similar” to it. This kind of thing you stand, you get into people’s heads and helps your establishment as an expert in your industry.


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