How To Ethically Rank A Youtube Video

Posted by ketan parmar

August 09, 2013

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If we look at the statistics, 17% of people do not spend more than 4 seconds on a website. However, they would happily spend 2.7 minutes watching an online video. We all know that the average span of a television commercial is not more than 30 seconds. Just imagine, how much you could benefit from the eye-balls on your eternal video.

One thing is evident…Video is powerful. But the power lies in the video being visible to the audience. It will not prove to be successful until and unless it gets the desired traffic. This post will show how to best optimize your video, so as to get maximum visibility in addition to likes and shares.

Concentrate on Quality:


You should actually feel proud of the video that you have created. If the sound is poor quality, or the script is thin, you will not get the desired engagement of the audience. The video that you publish will represent your brand. So, make it better, not worse.

Likes, Comments and Shares:

Social likes

A high quality video content will result into more views. It means the chances of getting more likes, shares and comments increases. Make sure that your video is enticing, so that it spreads faster than a virus.

Keyword Research:

keyword research

Google and other search engines read through the words to determine what the content is all about. Going with the exact keywords throughout your online marketing campaign, will not serve the purpose of ranking your content well in Google and other search engines. You could use a number of keyword variations, and other suggestions given by Google itself and other online keyword research tools. Google will read the transcript of your video, so it is strongly suggested that you make a transcript that contains your targeted keywords. You could even take Youtube’s help to generate transcripts with its crawlable closed captioning.

Embed the Videos:

Embeded video

Creating a rich-media content page for your website will prove its worth when your video is embedded. Embedding a video on the website has proved to get more ranking on Google and Youtube as well, where the content landing page contains your embedded video along with some text or images supporting the video.

Use Schema:

Use Schema

Schema is a microdata markup that provides information to the search spiders about your content. It is the recommended way by Google to describe your videos and any content on the web. Currently, Schema is the suggested addition that helps in making your video a fully optimized one and best accessible to search spiders.

The industry of video marketing is huge and it is slated to reach magical heights in the future. Here, I have given some basic and the most important ways of optimizing your video for Youtube, Google and other major search engines as well. Remember, create captivating content and put in some technical stuff and you will hit the bulls-eye for your video marketing goals.


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