Google Removing Chat and Call History from Google Business Profile

Posted by Sandeep Sharma

May 31, 2024

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Google will remove chat and call history from the Google Business Profile.

Big things are happening behind the scenes at Google Business Profile, and they might affect how you connect with your customers. Starting July 31st, 2024, the chat and call history features you might be familiar with will no longer be available.

This means there will be some changes coming to how you interact with customers through Google. We know this might be a change, and Google is committed to helping businesses find new ways to connect.

What Google Said About Removing Chat and Call History from Google

This week, Google emailed business owners about some changes they’re making to streamline their services. They say it’s not a bad thing and will help businesses maintain a strong online presence.

Google is getting rid of the chat and call history features that some business profiles currently have. But don’t worry! Customers can still find and contact you through Google Search and Maps. All your important business info, like website links, descriptions, and photos, will still be there for everyone to see.

Thinking about saving your past chats and call history? Google recommends using Google Takeout to download the data. But this download option won’t be around forever; you only have until August 30th, 2024, to grab it. After that date, Google will delete the chat and call history data from their servers.

Important Dates

July 15, 2024: No new chat conversations can be initiated through Google Business Profile. But, ongoing chat conversations will continue until the end of the month.

July 31, 2024: The chat functionality will be completely disabled, and businesses will no longer have access to their call history. Customers will be informed about the discontinuation of these features.

These changes require businesses to ensure they keep essential communication records and transition to alternative methods for customer interactions.


Impact on Businesses & Customers

 The removal of chat and call history features will impact how businesses and customers interact on Google’s platform. Yet, several alternatives and ongoing support features remain: 

  • Customer Interaction: Customers can still contact businesses through Google Search and Maps. However, the call button on business profiles now directs calls to the merchant’s provided phone number.
  • Information Accessibility: Business descriptions, website links, and photos will still be visible, allowing customers to find relevant information about businesses.
  • Engagement Metrics: Businesses will continue to receive valuable engagement metrics such as web traffic and direction requests.

Google’s decision aims to simplify its service offerings while ensuring businesses can manage their online presence.

How Can You Download Your Chat and Call History from Google Business Profile 

To preserve your chat and call history before the features are disabled, Google recommends using Google Takeout. This tool allows you to export and download your data, ensuring you have a copy for your records. Here are the steps to download your history: 

  • Access Google Takeout: Visit the Google Takeout page.
  • Select Data to Export: Choose the chat and call history data from your Google Business Profile.
  • Export Data: Follow the prompts to export and download your data. Ensure you complete this process by August 30, 2024.

While the removal of chat and call history from Google Business Profile may pose challenges, businesses can adapt by leveraging alternative communication methods and ensuring they download their data before the deadlines. Google is simplifying its service offerings for local SEO, This change underscores Google’s ongoing efforts to streamline its services and enhance user experience on its platforms.


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