Keyword Research Tools You Might Have Missed Out!

Posted by Monish Vora

August 08, 2013

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Keyword Research Tools You Might Have Missed Out!

One of the toughest things in doing an effective keywords research is to discover the related keywords of the base term. The tools that I have jotted down, will all help in identifying all the keyword variations that you could implement in your link building campaign.

A thorough keyword research entails variations, synonyms and phrases and terms that are semantically related. In addition to these, you are definitely looking for the phrases that include the keywords that you are initially searching for. So let’s explore the various ways some significant keywords research tools that we may have missed out.

Google’s Own Suggestions:

How could we ignore this? One of the best tools is here in front of us. Google’s very own suggestions are here at our service! We have seen them all the times while entering a query on Google’s search bar. Yes, those automated suggestions that appear on the drop down menu of Google, once any word is entered. You get the automatic suggestions which contain all those words or phrases that you have entered, making it the best way to discover some of the most basic keyword variations.

More From Google:

The search suggestions that are given by Google at the bottom of the search results page. Perhaps, the easiest one as it gives you the complete list of all the relevant searches that were done on Google by other users. They may be one or two words keywords or long tail keywords, which contain your targeted ones.



The source of keywords shown by Ubersuggest is Google. What it does is, it searches the Google database and presents you all the automatic suggestions that Google gives you. But how does it present the results? Ubersuggest will take the base term that is entered by you, and add a letter in the order of the alphabet, or a digit in front of it, and extracts suggestions from Google for that base term. Clicking on each word will give your further suggestions of the same.

There is a + sign on the left of every keyword suggestion, clicking on which, will add that particular keyword to the basket.

Google Insights:

Google Insight

The features available here are not available on most of the other free tools. You can see the results for a particular keyword for a specific time. This lets us know how the search for the particular term has fluctuated. Stats can also be viewed by country, state or even a city.

Google Trends:

Google Trends

One more utility tool from Google which allows you to compare between various search terms. You simply need to enter all those keywords which you have selected, separating with commas. This allows you to research on and compare the trends of the various terms.

It is a customizable search engine which provides the search suggestions that is given by the major search engines on the web. There are a number of engines, and it is upto you which one you would like to get the results from. There is just one search bar, where the search terms are inserted. On clicking Soovle, you get an exhaustive list of keywords from various search engines and other websites which you have selected.

So, these are just some opportunities to get keyword data for free. However, there are many paid ones as well which will give you exhaustive data based on your given terms. The ones that I have mentioned are those which are my favorites after checking out dozens of other keyword research tools.


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