Viral Marketing: Innovative Marketing Strategy

Posted by Sanket Patel

February 28, 2012

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These days, viral marketing is getting huge popularity among people as it is one of the best market strategies for a product or service by which its users will feel motivated to pass along with the marketing message. With the advent of this strategy, it has managed to provide lots of benefits to its users, and now this strategy becomes much more powerful and effective because of the advent of the Internet. This service is also considered as one of the best ways to enhance market penetration as well as build brand alertness in the internet space.

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing is also known as viral advertising. In order to produce instant brand recognition, using this innovative strategy is one of the best ways as it gives better results for a long time. There are lots of marketers who are using viral marketing and the main aim of marketers is interested in creating successful viral marketing programs in order to generate viral messages which demand individuals with high social networking potential. These days for businesses, viral marketing is the make or break it for their business and the sales they can expect.

As we all know that nowadays, everything is done online and lots of consumers are placing their impressions on websites such as Facebook or Twitter so viral marketing is becoming a big part of the business’s success or failure. Positive viral marketing is much important for any online business success so businesses have to hold positive viral marketing in the minds of all their consumers. This marketing strategy is successful for both online and offline media. Hence, this strategy is a cost-effective way of advertising for both small & medium businesses.

Around the world, there are lots of businesses that are spending thousands of dollars in order to create the branding of their business but it is a waste of money. For them, it is best to use a viral marketing strategy as it gives them lots of benefits. So, if you want to get lots of benefits then it is necessary to prepare a good viral marketing campaign, and for it, you just have to offer an incentive, track and analyze the results, send personalized emails, and send continuous promotion of friendly referrals.

Here I explain my best kept viral marketing ideas.

1. Organize a referral contest

Organizing a referral the competition has been an old-schooled viral marketing idea, but it is still very effective. Things about the contest are that it can stir up people’s adrenaline and encourage people to work extra hard to promote for you.

2. Provide free ‘viral’ online services

When I talk about free services, I like to mention Google. Besides being a search engine, Google has really created tons of useful programs, such as Google Map, Google Doc, Google Analytics, Google Mail, etc, which we can use free of charge. When we use these programs, we help Google to establish its branding and indirectly increase its market awareness.

3. Video marketing

Video marketing power is well known. If you can produce useful how-to videos to your site niche and publish them on Youtube, these videos can bring you traffic in years.

This viral marketing idea is especially useful for niches, involving skills such as cooking, scrapbooking, and magic tricks because you say, at the end of the video, says something along the lines of ‘ more magic tricks, visit ‘. When people see your video calls for more tricks, there is a good chance that they will visit your site.

4. ‘Sure-win’ referral program

I have a customer who pays people 5 cents for each e-mail message sent out to promote his business. I call this a ‘ sure-win ‘ referral program because regardless of whether people make any purchase, as long as you send the e-mail message, you will be paid. He has done it since 2007 and has paid over $ 20 k to humans. I am sure, this trick has worked well for him.

5. Bait post

The idea of a position as bait is to activate your blog posts to an online resource that other people will link to. You must have seen in forums and Q & A kind of places like ask Yahoo!, where people refer to an external Web site to answer a specific question. It is an example of a post, as bait.

6. Target-based referral program

Another viral approach that we adopt is an objective-based referral program, where we set a minimum size for our references to hit. In particular, when our members have 20 references, get the free advertising credits EVERY month. This is another strategy that has worked wonders.

7. Leverage on social networking

Last but not least viral marketing through social networks. A good example is the use of Facebook Like. By encouraging people to ‘ like ‘ on their Facebook, you are exposed to all their friends who potentially have the same interest. Even though the exposure is brief, if some of your friends are also beginning to ask them, this thing can go very viral.

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