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Posted by Sanket Patel

September 27, 2011

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As we all know that there are many blogs setting up online on daily basis. These blogs have high quality as well as unique and original content. A person who works on a daily basis can know that content of the website should be unique. Those people who are putting their first step towards SEO industry for them guidance are given in this article, but one question come to mind while training and consulting that what makes a good link?

If we are considering this in SEO, we don’t have a proper answer but we know that relevancy algorithms are composed of many variables. People who have started their education in searching can use that search as a universal starting point. If your website has a good link then it has the potential to deliver relevant visitors. It is the most tangible thing to understand what makes a good link. There are certain points through which you can understand the creation of a good link.

Target Geolocation offers Relevant Visitors

We can say that the ccTLD of the country has been included in your linking site URL for which you are trying to increase a huge amount of traffic. In case, it is not ccTLD, then some other method has been used by the site in order to clear protect their content to a smaller audience.

A Site Must Have an Audience to offer Relevant Visitors

If you don’t have an idea about what website is selling then you can take the help of reputable media databases or industry-specific directories in which detailed information about various websites is given. A small amount of traffic is also valuable for your website and it is also a good sign of quality.

Relevant Visitors Should Have Exposure to Thematically Similar Content to Yours

For example, your website is selling electronic gadgets online and you are getting links from the piece of content about hardware or DIY. We can imagine that the links may offer some relevant traffic.

“Clickable” Links Is the Great Source of Relevant Visitors

Many links are put at the bottom of the upper side of the web page as an advertisement. All these links are “Clickable” Links as many relevant visitors are available from these links. For e.g. “Visit NS Hardware now, to get your 30% off e-voucher for the new store.”)

Relevant Visitors May Be/ May Not Be Faked

One cannot determine that relevant visitors are to be faked. There should be chances of fake or genuine visitors.


Through this article, you must understand that the above principles are common and easy to grasp for new people who are taking the first step towards SEO. I personally believe that the above principles can give you a guarantee a link that should be helpful in delivering quality and relevant visitors.


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