Make Your Link Building Effective With Smart Planning.

Posted by Sanket Patel

September 05, 2011

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Every webmaster knows that in order to increase traffic we need a lot of links pointed to our site. Some of the traffic comes directly from the links and some of the traffic comes from improved search engine rankings.

There are many techniques to earn backlinks for the site but sadly they all are not equally effective and most of them were very tedious and time-consuming. So, it’s really difficult for the webmaster to find a combination of methods that are really effective. This is the reason many webmasters give up and gives very little time to link building while some cannot afford to give up hooked with a single technique & never analyzing how much they earned.
Some day’s back I had decided to update my area about link building so I had started reading stuff but it didn’t help me out. So I decided to join the forums as it seems like I can only get information from the real answers from the real people and believe me it worked.

I found one online poll on the digital point forums. You can see the current result and find a poll results at Digital Point

With the above poll results, I got the idea which are the techniques that should be mostly preferred by users but now I had to review my own link building techniques. But how can I be sure which one is the best one? So I started asking or discussing at Forum. As an author at Blurbpoint or having an appetite or observing as well as analyzing everything before coming to any conclusion. I had designed a method that I am going to share with you and believe me it going to be very helpful to track & optimize link building campaign performance.

: It’s simple & effective; it works on core principles of as usual link building strategy as follows.

1) Keep adding the source of backlinks:– It’s important to have multiple sources of backlinks as any of the source stop workings doesn’t affect your site ranking or visibility & the second benefit of having multiple sources is that you are showing search engines that you are participating into many domains at different IP’s. Giving information of maximum backlinks source to search engine especially Google is always a good idea.

2) Keep earning fresh backlinks:- Gaining backlinks uniformly is the most important factor for a manual link building campaign. As your old backlinks are not that much efficient to transfer traffic so for gaining traffic uniformly you have to keep your link building campaign live.

Note: Link building is a never-ending process.

There is no use in wasting time and money on those methods which are not bringing results at Back Hand. So start analyzing which method is doing well for your site, make a list of useful methods and discard the rest of the techniques. But How?

I found a simple solution just plan to get the specific number of backlinks in a week from each technique you implement; a spreadsheet is a perfect facility to use for such accounting purposes.

You can see the columns identical to many link building techniques. Just set your goal and track your actual performance. These will keep you motivated to achieve your goals. There are three columns for each method: find, try and result. Just keep filling it with the numbers while working.

The information you have filled as follow:

1) How many links you can find using a particular method.
2) How many of these links you can occupy.
3) How many actual links you received as a result.

To find the last number means result I suggest you use Google Webmaster Tools

I personally update my sheet by the number provided by this tool every week. This gives satisfaction and keeps me motivated as well as this information is also useful for more analysis in future. Please note that the last technique in my table is “something new”. It is the most important thing you should consider as strongly believes that you always keep experimenting to make your link building campaign more effective.

Adjust your goals and expectation and start your campaign every day, you will get the total knowledge of your link building performance. See the main thing is to execute link building graciously, & work smart rather than hard.

This method will help you to plan your time and efforts in a perfect manner. It plays a very important role to make your link building campaign successful.


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