5 Effective B2B Link-Building Strategies That Never Go Out of Style

Posted by Bakul Sengal

February 19, 2021

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For your business to prosper, you must find certain link-building strategies specifically suited to your business. While employing these strategies, one needs to be mindful that the link building strategy that suits a certain business might not be able to do much good to exalt your business.

Furthermore, patience and link building go hand in hand; you have to wait for these strategies to work out in your favour.

Also, time plays a significant role in the efficiency of link building strategies as employing a strategy that promised favourable results five years back (supposedly) might not be a good idea now.

Yet, making new links is a great strategy to grow your business. But, to make new connections, you have to explore link building strategies in detail. You must be familiar with what a link building strategy entails, its advantages, where it is disadvantageous, and so on.

5 Effective B2B Link-Building Strategies

#1 Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most commonly employed B2B link-building strategies. It is a simple approach where you write a blog for your website and post it on someone else’s website (that is, a third-party website).

You need to understand the following points to get a better idea about the strategy:

  • First, you have to find a business (website) that allows people (businesses) to post their blogs on its website.
  • Second, this (third-party) website needs to be well-established. The number of links that this guest blogging website can secure depends on how popular the website is. If this website receives a great amount of traffic and people have a positive outlook towards it, it is likely beneficial for your business.

Now, employing this strategy and getting results is not as simple as it seems. Consider the following points very carefully:

Alignment of goals

If you want to secure maximum benefits from this strategy, there must be coherence between your content (that is, the subject matter) and the topics that the guest blogging website wants to promote. For instance, if your content matter is HVAC equipment, you must find a website that publishes and promotes such blogs. 

Who is writing the blog? 

You must be considerate about who writes the blog. A person (business) would be interested in your blogs if only it is appealing and interesting. It needs to be relatable for the audience. For this purpose, you can hire professional writers who have a way with words. Thus, the quality of your content is directly proportional to the number of its readers. 

The uniqueness of your content

The best way to ensure that the audience reads your blogs is to ensure that your blog is unique. People (businesses) are always in need of something innovative and unique. Therefore, if your blog provides the audience with fresh and original ideas, it is very likely that they will read it thoroughly. Moreover, it establishes your credibility amongst the audience. 


  • Guest Blogging lets you decide the platform (the third-party website) to advertise your content.
  • You can direct the audience’s attention specifically to the pages that you want them to notice.
  • If your content is unique, the audience might refer it to other sources. This can result in tremendous amounts of traffic to your website.


  • The cost of hiring a professional writer might be relatively high.
  • Publishing a blog is a lengthy process because any piece of content goes through editing and polishing before it can be finally published.
  • If your content is not very insightful, some websites might reject your content. One such example is the SEJ Blog.

Thus, it is crucial to focus on both the content as well as the platform.

#2 Linkable Assets

Linkable Assest


#1 Statistics

#2 Case studies

#3 Infographics

#4 Lists

#5 Guide

#6 Calculators

Some factors to consider regarding linkable assets are: 

  • These are useful because they are not merely commercial advertisements; linkable assets are there to help the user with a specific aspect. For example, if a user wants to know the names and number of medicines required to treat scars, you can provide them with such a list (or further statistics).
  • Your linkable assets must be engaging and should stand out. You can attain this purpose by contacting a trustworthy SEO agency for B2B and having them assist you with relevant linkable assets.


  • Engaging linkable assets are beneficial because they keep the audience on your page for a longer time. The longer they stay on your page, the more likely it is that they indulge in and share your business further ahead.
  • Unique and interesting linkable assets (such as infographics and guides) can contribute to the credibility of your business.
  • Creating linkable assets is economical. You can easily make one with the help of tools available online like SurveyAnyplace, LeadQuizzes and uCalc (the first two help in creating quizzes and surveys, and you can also choose and modify the existing templates according to your needs; the third one can be used to create calculators for several purposes such as finance, construction, etc.).


  • Linkable assets do not guarantee to fetch you the desired number of links.
  • Statistics and case studies are lengthy assets that many people (businesses) do not like to go through.

Therefore, you must create linkable assets that are appealing and engaging simultaneously.

#3 Roundups and Listicles

Roundups and Listicles

Roundups and listicles are another one of the top link-building strategies. You can understand this strategy, as explained below:

  • Firstly, you have to research what type of content the roundup and listicle websites want to publish. This can help you create relevant and appealing content.
  • Secondly, you have to get in touch with the editors of these websites. You can mention (or tag) them in relevant (social media) posts. You can also promote their latest posts.
  • Thirdly, inform them why doing a roundup or listicle for your content would benefit them.


  • Researching the type of content for roundups and listicles improves the chances of your content being published on the internet.
  • All businesses have their links; thus, the websites that you connect to for roundups and listicles can help you secure more than expected links.


  • Many websites readily accept content for roundups and listicles but, usually, these are average websites that cannot procure the desired number of links.
  • Some websites that produce good results charge more than others; thus, consider the cost factor well.
  • Your content needs to be well-written and polished because Google ranks content based on its quality.

This strategy, hence, requires thorough research and up-to-the-mark content.


HARO Link Bilding Techniques

HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is a company that aims at promoting businesses on several media outlets. It helps you establish links with various business experts and journalists as well.

You can follow the below-given steps to understand this approach:

  • First, create an account on the HARO.
  • Second, select the journalist categories that match your business.
  • Third, you would receive a list from HARO that contains the gist of the information that various journalists and bloggers are looking for (e.g., Countering Cybercrime, Importance of KYC, etc.).
  • Fourth, click on any of these links to see a detailed insight.


  • It is advantageous for new businesses as it provides them with relevant information in their inbox itself.
  • You do not have to research anything, unlike Guest Blogging or Roundups and Listicles.


  • There is no guarantee if this strategy would work or not.
  • It can fetch a limited number of links only.
  • In most cases, it fetches links for merely your home page.

#5 Broken link building

Broken Link Building Techniques

It is a useful link building strategy that uses broken links to direct your content/website.

You need to follow the steps given below to employ this link building strategy:

  • First, find links that are broken (broken links lead to inactive pages).
  • Second, contact these websites and ask them to replace the broken links with your content on the same topic.
  • Third, create engaging and well-researched content to replace the broken link.


  • You already have a platform to publish your content; you only have to create an effective post.
  • You can analyze the broken links to curate a good strategy (you can take help from Wayback Machine by Internet archive to access the previous content of the website).


  • The broken links may refuse to direct the audience to your content. This happens when the broken link belongs to a well-established business.
  • You may have to rewrite your content for the link to accept it. This requires a lot of time and effort.

All these strategies are suited to different objectives. You need to consider your goals first and ensure that they align with the aims of these strategies. You can, then, decide the one (or more) that is most beneficial for you.

Furthermore, you should be aware of the following statistics:

  • 94% of the total contents worldwide get zero external links.
  • 41% of SEO Experts find link-building the most challenging aspect of search optimization.
  • 51% of marketers have to wait for 1-3 months to witness the effects of their link-building endeavours.


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