Tips of Ad Optimization Expert Tips to Lift Paid Search CTR & Conversion

Posted by Sanket Patel

March 21, 2012

PPC 10 min read

Ad optimization is one of the main keys in order to lower the CPC prices and increase click-through rates and conversions and greater ROI. Even there are lots of low and cheap campaigns that are able to create with ongoing analysis and optimization.

There are lots of small and big PPC advertisers who are fighting to search for perfect and accurate formulas for their paid search campaigns. Well, Marin Software as well as BoostCTR has provided some important tips for marketers who are seeking to optimize the performance of their paid search campaigns.

Following given recommendations are of Marin Software and BoostCTR:

Variety in Testing & Creative:

  1. BoostCTR has recommended that you have to get a number of writers in order to write for the same ad group. By this way, you can test multiple perspectives at the same time.
  2. According to BoostCTR, you also have to attract attention using DKI (dynamic keyword insertion) in headlines.
  3. You also make sure to test stronger calls to action.
  4. You also have to test benefits vs. features. You also shift the focus to user benefits to answer the question.
  5. In order to search what works and whatnot, you make sure to test various theories. If you are gaining benefit by griping with a theory then make sure to distribute the insights learned across other similar ad groups.

In ad content optimization, BoostCTR plays one of the major roles with approximately $250 million in ad spend to their credit. To combine human creativity and optimization with advanced technology, they also started Boost Enterprise for larger-scale advertisers. You can also find their self-serve platform is still obtainable for SMBs, providing access to their network of more than 500 copywriters/optimizers, automated split testing, and other features.

Goal-Based Bidding & Ad Group Optimizers

In order to manage their pool of more than 165000 keywords and thousands of dollars per month in spending, W3i uses Marin Software. They raised conversions from paid search by 45 per cent, that turn I drove revenue from paid search up 28% in a one-year period.

  1. You can also use an ad group optimizer by which you can evaluate the relationship between creativity and keywords within ad groups. By this, you can get with a workflow to do things such as clustering keywords by quality score, moving keywords with low CTR and quality to new groups etc.
  2. You also make sure to set up goal-based bidding as it enables you to maximize performance objectives like cost per lead, custom targets, margin and ROAS.
  3. You also ensure that you set up performance filters and alerts by which you can get help to manage large scale campaigns by exception. By this, you can easily recognize high-impact keywords and creative for analysis and get alerted when performance drops or spikes to address issues proactively.


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