50% Extra Traffic with Google Paid Search, though you’re on 1st Place

Posted by Sanket Patel

March 29, 2012

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Two things like Organic and paid search are an important part of marketing tactics. Now, Google is doing research on how the two works together have been doubtful. The fact is 89% of decline in clicks would be resulted in ceasing a paid search campaign, which is claimed by Google. Here, the question arises, what happens if your brand is the top organic result for the keyword? We are sure that the results would be different if the organic result was on the second page.

Google’s lead researcher for this study, David Chan said, “When we released the first paper, we had a lot of questions coming back, asking more details around incrementality and under what situations can you expect different numbers?”

While making search mostly, no organic results on page 1 are to be found for most the websites. As per average calculation, 89% number makes more sense as compare to 81% of paid search ads that are displayed without an accompanying organic result The fact is that a search ad shows 9% of the time with an organic result. Organic results displays result in ranks 2 to 4 only 5% of the time and ranking below 5 show 4% of the time.

The researchers are not excavate into keywords deeper or not analyzing branded vs. generic terms, but the branded terms seem to appear higher, which is not surprising at all. So, if you want to rise up your ranking in the #1 organic position, then why are you wasting your money? You will be surprised to know that although a brand is ranked in a #1 position then with the help of paid search ad, you can get 50% more clicks, an average. Many of you do not believe that, but it is true.

According to the study, 82% of ad clicks are incremental at that time when the associated organic result is ranked between 2 and 4 and when the brand’s organic result was 5 or below then 96% of clicks are incremental.

One can get a lot of variability from advertiser to advertiser and term to term, according to Chan. So, he makes efforts and gives confidence to advertisers to do their own trialling. In addition to that, this type of study is mainly focused on clicks and not conversions. So, it is clear that what extent the incremental clicks are directed to a conversion event.


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