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August 26, 2012

Amazing facts about link building : Planning and Executing the Perfect SEO Campaign

This article serves as a guide to define and understand what link building is, why they are important links in a website and their classifications, and how to get links to a website. It encompasses the different link building strategies and also provides information on different tools that help the link building process.

How Search engines treat Links?

Search engines crawls the web and for them every page on the web is different so the links presented on the web pages play a role of navigation for search engines. Search Engines use link analysis to discover how the web pages are related to other pages and in what ways. Links are counted as votes over web for search engines since late 1990’s which represents the democracy of web opinion by which search engines can assume the popularity and importance of the pages. Means the page which got maximum inbound links (votes) consider as a most important over the Internet for its related industry. Search engines can analyze the quality links from the total number of inbound links by using their sophisticated algorithms to avoid link spam as these algorithms help them to evaluate the website’s nature of participation and contribution over the web by which search engines recognize the maximum genuine sites which can be shown in their search results to satisfy their user needs. This is why Quality Backlink Portfolio is the most important factor to gain higher ranking in all the search engines.

What’s New in Link Building?

Link Building is a process of establishing relevant, inbound links to your website which help your website to achieve higher ranking in all the search engines all you need is to build a maximum backlinks or just more than your competitors to be on the top of the search results.

Link Building is a never ending process the maximum you build the maximum you get privileged.

SEO, link building is among the top tasks required for search ranking and traffic success.” SEOMOZ

Why your Website Needs Link Building

Links are the lifeblood of the Internet. If there is a currency over the Internet, and be represented by this network of sites connected. As with any currency, financial strength is determined from the amount you have in the bank, the more you have, the stronger your situation.

Search engines should serve as a mediator of the Internet. It is there job to sift through trillions of pages and their order of importance. To do so they first need to be able to judge the authority of the site, and one of the key factors used to determine the power by reviewing the structure of the linkage.

A website without any inbound links can be interpreted as having little or no relevance for search engines. Using the principle that a website link only if it considers it to another value to their own visitors, it is not difficult to see why a site with no links could be considered of little or no value in the eyes of a search engines.

When a search engine crawler goes through a website that is unable to see the design of the website or your service rate and your level of service, all they can see is the text content and link structure. This puts a great emphasis on quality content and linking structure, only one reason why link building is so important.

Every link you manage to win, whether it’s from a directory, blog or website, will help build your site’s core strength. As in most areas of SEO, some are more effective than others do. The relevance of the link and the strength of the site that has given will often determine how much power you get. While the amount is extremely important, so is the quality and diversity of a link structure.

To get a good number of links to a wide range of high quality sites is the ultimate goal for any link building strategy. It may take time to build this type of infrastructure and is rarely simple, this may deter some websites. You need to know where the best sources for links, the best way to do it and how to avoid toxic that do more harm than good to your site, so it’s not always easy.

Good original content, over time, should attract site owners and Internet users who want to provide a link. This is a very natural way to link building. Obviously, there are no guarantees, but as quality content is effective and ethical SEO, is undoubtedly a positive way of adding a link building strategy more deliberate.

Links are important for SEO, but they are more important to drive targeted traffic to your website from the different sites or communities frankly speaking you can get more potential and positive traffic from other sites as compare to traffic comes from the search engines. The more incoming links means your site is reaching to the more website which improves your sites chances to get more attention by a broader cross section of densely populated Internet.

But how you can generate the links for your website.

Now as you know why backlinks are so much important, So as a website owner you cannot afford not to build a backlinks for your site. You can build backlinks by yourself but it’s really tough to achieve top rankings as the Search Engine Optimization is getting more and more tough with every single passing day. As more and more peoples are implementing maximum ethical techniques to overcome the competition to impress search engine robots actually they are making the industry more tougher than ever before. So if any one who is not implementing some classified strategies for their SEO Campaign will never get ranking for their keywords at the top of search engines. So now-a-days it is past story to optimize site on your own and this is the reason the concept of Link Building Services come in front. As a business site owner all you need is just to earn more and more money, spending your precious time behind understanding search engine nature or optimization techniques is really a bad idea. So all you need is just to outsource your SEO Campaign to a Professional SEO Agency. A company which can understand all your needs and have a team of experts who can grasp your industries business promotion trends a company which have the attitude to face the toughest competition or have a potential to rise your website as a brand. So ladies and gentlemen here I introduce you to the world’s best link building company the

What Should be Included in ethical link building campaign:

The process of link building requires a lot of time and efforts and our team of experts believe to provide customized solution to each of our clients as we understands that each and every site is different and so their business goals so we are not using a single strategy for every business as we know that every website, business and industry has its own challenges and with the years of experience we know how to face them to achieve a desired success.

At Blurbpoint firstly we analyze your websites and then your backlinks and also your competitor’s backlinks which helps us to understand the promotion trends of your industry. We deeply study your industry and the level of competition than we plan the accurate link building strategy which works the best for your website in this manner we build the most genuine backlink portfolio for your site which helps your site to rank well in all major search engines.

Just contact to our representative to know which type of link building service would work best for you. Or just give us your website URL we will make a free audit report which helps you to know more about your site performance and where you stands in the competition.

Blurbpoint Link Building Services Methodology:

Here is the process what we do for your website. This methods give you the brief understanding of how SEO works:

Unique Strategy for Each Client – As I said above that a strategy which work good for one site might be not work same for other site. Because every site is different and so their businesses. So we are building a whole new strategy for our each clients. Our link building strategy starts with the keyword research and a thorough analysis of your site as well as your competitors site we also deeply analysis the backlink portfolio of your competitors which help us to understand more about your industries promotion trends. Armed with this knowledge we then create a linking strategy based on the objectives and budget of customers. Our strategies range from which a construction product links to the incorporation of more than a dozen. We have developed and refined over a dozen different link building techniques over the years. Once we finalize which link building techniques are suitable for the customer who organize them into a strategy of short and long term. The strategy outlines the number of links that will take each keyword and the speed at which these links should be built.

Keyword Research and Competitive Intelligence: The most essential thing in link building is the keywords which should be targeted for your site if your site is not being promoted by the perfect pair of keywords than your whole investment is in vain. That’s the reason we do very sharp keyword research to select the most appropriate keywords for your site to gain the maximum potential visitors(customers) from the search engines. That’s why each of our Customer Service Representatives, Link Building Specialists, and account managers are certified in the house to do keyword research and competition spying. We have developed proprietary technologies, programs, and methods of scoring that allow us to make recommendations that will help you maximize the return on your investment. While many of the companies charge for a keyword selection, we offer keyword research as a value-added service to our link building services. After the interviews we are able to pick apart both your site and your competitors’ sites to determine the exact words should be targeted and how difficult those keywords will be obtained at the top of the rankings.

On-Page Optimization- Link Building plays very important role to get higher ranking but if your site is not properly optimize means if your site is not a SEO friendly than it is impossible to gain higher ranking. On-Page factor such as meta tags proper use of keywords are just the initials. Our project mangers will help you or guide you to optimize your internal link structure perfectly or also advice you how and which pages should be linked to each other. We also help you with the browser and W3C compliance to ensure that spiders can easily read your content and users that can not be deterred. Note – We follow all the guide lines for on-page optimization. Here is some on-page factors necessary for SEO defined by SEOMOZ which we strictly follows.

Contextual and One Way Links – Every one of Blurbpoint link building techniques are One Way. We do not create reciprocal links to your site which are strictly disapproved by Google. Google gives extra privilege to contextual links means the links which are in the content rather than the standalone links means the links which are situated in the side bar or footer. Blurbpoint offer more than a dozen contextual link building services. And our all services embedding your links in the most unique content which post on other sites. Article Submission, Blog Review Service, Blog Commenting Service, Link Baiting, Press Release Distribution are just some examples.

Link Building with proper time duration: Building links are important but it is even more important HOW you are build them. Building thousands of links in a month alerts Google and so involving in such robotic activity may penalize your site. New sites should be approached differently than old ones. After the creating millions of links to thousands of customers we know how aggressive we can be. We deeply analyze the domain age and backlink profile of site so we can make a strategy or schedule which fast as well as safe for effective link building development. The trick is to built link fast enough to get the desired results quickly, but not that fast which can harm your sites.

Anchor Text Optimization: Anchor text is all about the balancing the keywords or phrase which are targeted for your site. It is really a bad idea to target a site with very few keywords a site should be target with the proper rage of the keywords or phrases doing this help a site to perform well in terms of attracting traffic from search engines as well as other sites. Therefore picking the right keywords for your different links is very important. As over optimization is also a concern. We know how to create a right balance between links, time and keywords to get effective results.

Link from variety of sites: One of the most important techniques for building links correctly is the construction of a variety of links instead of building a ton of the same kind of link. It seems unnatural to build all the same type of links. So it is even more good to build less links but with different varieties. So we not only build links but we build them for you by using dozen of different link building strategies.Blurbpoint have large infrastructure to accomplish link building services most effectively for your site we have a large number of experts, suppliers and partners with thousand of source inventory which contributes to build maximum quality links for your websites. Basically search engines loves links from maximum different sources because nothing seems more natural to have links from different places.

Google Trust, TrustRank, Trust Score: Google gives each site a confidence score. There are many ways to win or lose trust in Google. Increased confidence means more scoring. One way to increase confidence is to get other trusted sites to link to yours. Trusted sites can also be called authority sites. Also build confidence by having quality content. There are many ways to lose confidence. You may lose the confidence to put spam duplicate content on your site, creating links to bad neighborhoods (sites that have been marked as unreliable), or by creating links too quickly. You can also lose trust in Google if a large part of your backlinks are not natural. Blurbpoint knows how to build trust with Google. This is how we can do what we do.

Client Services Excellence: Blurbpoint Customer Service is unsurpassed. While other link building companies just focus on the selling their software base link building packages we focus to make relationship with our clients we also use to give suggestion to many of our clients even after their projects has been successfully completed. Our project managers are certified SEO specialist and they love to help any one and providing their support and advices 24/7 via phone or email.

Speak to one of our Link Building Professionals Today – 516-665-1600 or use our contact form

Blurbpoint brief introduction:

Blurbpoint is the world’s SEO Firm located in USA, UK and INDIA. Blurbpoint provides complete Internet marketing services which are specially designed to improve your online presence and ranking in all the major search engines. Our services helps websites to perform better than their competitors as we diverse the maximum quality traffic towards sites which boost up conversion rates.

Blurbpoint is always been on the top in the ever-changing world of SEO and Internet Marketing, making necessary adjustments to our strategies to help all of our clients in achieving their goals online.

Blurbpoint is here to promote progress. We offer results-oriented Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Link Building, Local Search and Keyword Research, offering a wide range of tools and services.

Blurbpoint Link Building Services:

As each of our clients campaigns are customized for their business, we offer a wide range of link building services to suit the needs of each company. Our link building service are designed to connect the links in the relevant content by comment on blogs and forums where your customers are looking forward to your business, and everything in between. We can develop blog posts, articles, power ratings, and get links from the most important pages of your industry.

For us, link building is an art. It takes vision and time to plan a perfect strategy to show the best results. Obtaining a link, for many it can take a lot of time and energy. Unfortunately, many unsuccessful efforts, but our team not only takes time to obtain these valuable links, but over time we has developed a processes to do link building with maximum efficiency by the years of experience in the industry, So our customers can benefit from our contacts. We get our clients more links with higher quality per dollar on their website to give more authority than they might otherwise archiving with their budgets.

Let us serve you and your website so ask for the perfect customized link building package which suites best for you to achieve your goals.

What makes different?

The answer is simple and it is our attitude to serve you best, When we started our blurbpoint link building services, we started with the strongest set of principles that we follow till this date. As a link building company that has built millions of links for our hundreds of clients over the years we totally understood when and where should be a link should be posted with the vast experience into the industry we know what search engines likes and how that’s the reason we love to call us SEO Experts. We know how the link building services work and we also know how it should be done to yield maximum results. We can say with confidence that maximum companies do not use a tested link building service for their clients site result the harmful side effects.

From perfectly analyze your site to proper keyword research and on-page optimization to appropriate percentage of keyword density and lastly to our link building service, we have refine and redefine our link building strategy several times to serve you and your site with the best quality. When other link building company compromise with quality just to sell high quantity links we just make better strategies to build maximum quality links to build your sites authority. Choosing an easy way just to earn some dollars is not in our ethics. We believe in build a million dollar relation with our clients and this is the only reason blurbpoint get maximum business by the references which our clients do for us as we have 98% client satisfaction rate for our link building services which is much bigger than any marketing campaign for us.

Our Promise for our Link Building Services:

Blurbpoint believes in helping anyone no matters you are our client or not. We had help thousands of peoples regarding any problem they have during their website promotion. We are not the company who believe that suggestion or tips should sell we believes to educate peoples about SEO to make Industry more and more better. So if you also one among the millions who are confused or need help feel free and ask us we don’t charge for it because building relation is much bigger goal than earning dollars for us.

Our link building services are designed to get the best return on your investment. Working across geographical boundaries, the Internet and its associated online business can only thrive in a better search engine rankings.

We send weekly reports for our all services by which you can check how, when and where links has been posted for website.

Our commitment to the link building business excellence and customer service means that not only see results almost immediately, also benefit from the purpose and use link popularity of our company’s support and services which are specially designed to improve your further development in online business. We are 100% committed to your success.

We believe in relation building that’s why we maintain a close relation with our clients we use to release useful literature’s and newsletters contains useful techniques and tips which you can use to optimize your site. Subscribe for a free newsletter and get updated to our strategies and offers.

Our goal is to make your experience of SEO is just best. We always work harder to set the leadership and quality of service standards to provide you the maximum return of investment promptly.

Our professional skills and services are dedicated to making your goals into reality and to accomplish it successfully is just the only achievement for us.

What kind of results can you expect?

With Blurbpoint, you can achieve anything you aim. We have worked in the words of the easiest to the unimaginable. We know what it takes to pump a site to the top of the most competitive keywords in the industry and we know how to establish lightly for smaller objects.

Our link building packages has developed and designed with all users in mind, and if they are not exactly what you need, you can always contact us for something Personalized. In fact, we thrive on making sure that each campaign is as personalized as necessary for your particular business site, and the situation.

Contact us and one of our team members will be more than happy to discuss your goals, where you are and what we have to do to reach the top. No restrictions, however, without any direct attached. Simple and just what we like, as we do not want to waste time beating around the bush, like some other link building companies would.

Blurbpoint’s Internet Marketing strategy for 2013 – latest high quality & effective services.


Infographic is nothing, but a graphical visual representation of your data and information. Nowadays, Infographics has emerged to be the most effective tool for online marketing. Using this great tool, one can present any complex information very easily and clearly to the concerned audiences. It is truly the best way to capture the attention of the users in order to convey your message directly and effectively to the targeted people.

Guest blogging:

Guest blogging is one of the finest methods that most of the bloggers are adopting to get an increased blog traffic. In this method, the bloggers write informative and related contents to be published on the other bloggers’ blogs. At present, Guest blogging is on a rise as a number of businesses and organizations are using this tool in order to build high-quality and long-term relationships, which can definitely help in developing business opportunities and brand name.


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