5 Unavoidable Factors For Boosting Your Organic Ranking

Posted by Khyati Patel

May 01, 2013

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If you find some new and innovative trick to get number one ranking then you are in the right place because here we present some basic ultimate steps to require for time skill and understanding for a good SEO. You may read about some new good SEO strategies, it may help you to build up the ranking for your website. It’s all about who looks for any good basic SEO. Here, are some basic SEO concepts and some information to get started growing a great SEO campaign for organic ranking.

Step 1: Search Relevant Keywords

Keywords are very important for all web marketing efforts. If you can’t research perfect keywords then you are not ready for SEO & also you are not ready to build your websites. Without keyword research & analysis you can’t know, how to market your site to your visitors. There are many different ways to search for proper keywords for the website like Google Adword Keyword research tool, Google instant search result, Google word tracker and etc. This all keyword research way is very important for the website.

  • Google instant search:
    Google instant search result is the best and popular way for keyword research. As you see in the image, when I type in the search box, Google instantly starts giving me a suggestion. It shows the most popular searches in the term. Google also suggest keyword that type as shown in the below image.
Google Instant Search
  • Google Adwords search:
    The Google Adword keyword tool is a free keyword research tool provided by Google for Adwords products; Which is a pay-per-click advertising platform. You can easily use an Adword account with signing details. Adword tool shows keyword detail with global and monthly search volume & it’s really very effective to find the high volume keyword and groups idea. This tool is important to research, implement and test some different keywords effects on your sites, which are the most effective and helpful to increase targeted websites traffic.
  • Wordtracker:
    Wordtracker is a good tool for keyword research. It helps to compile a list with relevant keywords and show automatically search for your website. It is a wonderful free version keyword research tool that shows you some extra information on the search topics such as daily search indications & others. It also helps in identifying the long tail niche keywords, assuming they are properly optimized for the website.

Step 2: Quality Tags for sites

There are three tags that are the most important for websites like Title tag, Meta description tag, H1 tag. Let me describe it in brief:

  1. Title tag:
    The Title tag is one of the most important pieces of information for search engines, it should describe exactly that what the web page contains. The Title tag will be the first thing someone sees in a search result. It should be no longer than 70 characters.
  2. Meta description tag:
    The meta description tag is used the store information about the web pages but is not displayed in a web browser. Meta tag provides information for the applications with a description of the page and keyword relevancy of the page.
  3. Heading tag:
    In heading tags, an H1 tag is very important. It is used to define the heading of a paragraph, and give it a slightly higher rank than other content on the page.

Step 3: Creating Compelling Content

Content is very important for a website, relevant to your site, and interesting content really attracts the visitor. Content defines your site productivity and services, also which type of facilities is provided by your sites; is also defined in it. Content should develop your sales process, your link, and your social media efforts. Without content, your site doesn’t get a good search from search engines.

Quality content writing always plays a very important role to rank a website. If you make your content effective for the readers then you can add some values like images, photos, Videos & interlinking. You also write your content to be conversational, because this type of methodology is very powerful to create your website content more unique and attractive.

Step 4: Architecture and Usability Issues

The site architecture and usability issues are more important to solve for creating successful websites. This kind of issue doesn’t get noticed by website developers or visitors but an SEO expert needs to find and fix them. Site architecture always helps in increasing visitors and ranking high in the search engine.

Site structure and usability issues are uncovered with a number of tools. The various number of tools like Google webmaster tool, analytics tracking, paid SEO tools are always useful for analyzing and test of various aspects of sites.

Step 5: Generate Your Link Sources

There are many link sources that are available in SEO services though than content marketing, link earning process (Forum posting, blog posting, Press release, etc..) social sharing. These all sources are so important for increasing the website visibility.

Link sharing via Social Media can achieve interaction content development, bribery, begging, or laying down a threat. Social sharing is enough to click that link freely, sharing content with centralized link popularity. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media sites help in improving the visibility, productivity of the sites. Social sharing also is one of the best parts to getting better rankings for the websites.


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