The Content Marketers Guide To Attract, Convert, Close, & Delight

Posted by Monish Vora

March 25, 2015

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Prospects could become clients from any phase. It is important that the buyer cycle is understood in order to devise a content strategy for each cycle so that it successfully transforms into a conversion vehicle.

1) Attract:

We don’t want any traffic on our site. We want intent to traffic. We want those customers who are looking for the products that are available on our eCommerce website. Here are some of the effective strategy to attract the right customers.


When talking about inbound marketing, the first thing that we talk about will be blogging. Attracting customers to an eCommerce site could prove to be a difficult task as one might wonder about the topics that could be used to blog about.

Social Media: 

Social media is getting important day by day. Almost a third of Americans are used to checking their accounts many times a day. Be strategic in selecting the social media channel to develop an online presence and more visibility for your business. Keyword research will enable you to know what your customers are hungry for. Social media effectively supports the website and blog content and attract leads to convert them.

Keyword Research: 

Nothing is happening until and unless your customer performs a search. These are the keywords and a part of your content strategy to attract customers and get found online. Before writing content for your eCommerce site, make sure that you have the potential keywords to optimize the content accordingly.

Attracting through webpages:

Just like adding a blog to your website helps get more traffic, you could also enhance the chances of getting intent traffic if more pages are added to your website. Ensure that the web pages are optimized with the right set of keywords to get the right kind of visitors landing on your website.

Attract, Convert, Close, & Delight

2) Convert:

Getting visitors to the website is not enough. The next step involves converting visitors into potential leads by generating interest with the help of the attracting steps given above. You will need their email addresses. Contact information from your visitors is the most valuable thing. Firstly, you get to know that they are interested. Secondly, you get to promote your latest offerings every time there is a new launch.


These are the links or buttons that call out your visitors to take action desired by you. A simple call to action like “Talk to our buying consultant”, “Download our buying guide” are great calls to action that will propel the customers to click and enter their information.

Landing Pages: 

When a website visitor clicks on a CTA, they are sent to a landing page, a place where the promise of the call-to-action is fulfilled. This is where the visitor will fill up the required information, thus becoming your leads.


Optimize the form to make it the easiest process, as the visitors will become your potential leads once they fill-up the form.


Keep track of the leads that are being converted in your database. This information will help you in designing your future interactions with your customers. The data collected could also be an effective means to develop buyer personas.

3) Close:

Once you have attracted the customers and converted them into leads, the next step involves pushing the customer into the sales funnel and closes the sale with some additional strategies.


Your visitors have downloaded your content; however, they are unwilling to become your customers. This is where email marketing comes in. Develop a series of sales emails focused on useful, relevant content to build trust with the prospects and help them close the deal.

Lead Scoring: 

Based on the information entered by the visitor, the sales team will determine the willingness of the prospect to communicate with the sales department by assigning a numerical representation to them.

Closed-loop reporting: 

Determine what marketing efforts are attracting the best leads. Is the sales team successful in closing those leads into customers? Have a Customer Relationship Management – CRM Software that will help analyse the effectiveness of the marketing and the sales team together.

Blurbpoint Blog CTAs

4) Delight:

Just because someone has closed the deal doesn’t mean that you have all the right to forgetting them. Instead, continue to engage with them, delight, up sell, and create happy customers for your company. The only way to do this is by providing high-quality content to your customers, regardless of their being leads, visitors, or existing customers.

Smart Calls-to-Action: 

Offer various discounts, first-come-first-serves and more to enhance the overall experience of your customer with your eCommerce site.

Social Media: 

Engaging with your prospects with attractive images, videos and posts will help you generate interest amongst them.

Email marketing and automation: 

Help your customers achieve their desired information by giving amazing content in various forms. Keep on introducing new products and features that would keep them engaged.


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