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Posted by Vikram Rathore

November 10, 2017

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Google updates come and go, the aim to boost leads never decline from being the top priority. In fact, 63% of marketers consider it as the most challenging aspect.

Well, another bunch of people says content marketing is the key to generate leads with soaring speed. Due to this reason, 93% of B2B companies believe that content marketing generates more leads as compared to other strategies.

Content has a huge role to play in influencing purchasing decision of a buyer. It has much to do with converting leads into sales. Though using content as a weapon to amp up lead conversion proves to be challenging for every marketer, it can reward you with better sales. It’s just that it has to be done correctly. To aid you with the same, we have rounded up the best content marketing strategies which will let you shoot up your conversion rates to the next level.

1. Create ‘Awe-Inspiring’ Content

The world is filled with myriads of content marketers. All of them are striving to promote it in one way or another. So, if you wish to get identity or be searched for your content, you’d have to add ‘wow’ factor to it.

If your piece of writing is engaging then only your readers would find it awe-inspiring. Through producing great content, you have to attract a mass of people. Unless you’re performing well to represent your brand to be one-of-a-kind, nothing matters. All you need to do is produce lucrative content which is pleased by your audience.

So, what can you do to create lead converting content? Go through the points that are enlisted as under and you’ll get the answer for the same.

Research which topics are most commonly surfed online and extract that are related to the niche of your business. Accordingly, revamp your content marketing strategy to offer an avant-grade solution to those topics.

Stick to the flow of producing your content. Maintaining your tone of writing in the content would create a unique image of your brand.

Maintaining consistency in publishing content would make a great difference to suffice your purpose.

Lead generation is a never-ending and a natural process. If you’d offer an excellent piece of information on the regular basis, leads will automatically convert into sales.

2. Seize Leads By Offering Bait

Although plenty of new marketing tactics are prevailing in the market, fishing leads are one of the best ways to attract a potential audience. Coming up with eye-popping offers, giveaways, freebies or cash back can help you get some personal information of the users. By this means, you can take privilege and reach them through that platforms.

Publish your content and share it through social networking. While doing so, you can add a custom message along with the post. It shows your efforts to reach the target audience by carrying a personalization feel into it.

3. Optimizing Video Content Carefully

Videos are the most loved form of the content. People admire watching videos, but they don’t like the one which is produced with a perspective to boost your sales. No person across the globe is interested in the products or services. What really matters is the information that offers a feasible solution.

Optimizing Video Content

While producing content, see to it that you’re adding some value to the information for your audience. You just need to imagine yourself on the other side and think from the perspective of the customer. It would assist you better to craft your video accordingly.

4. Using Dynamic CTAs

Call to action buttons in the content has a great impact to inspire your audience to convert a lead into sales. To generate leads, you can make use of dynamic CTAs. This way you get an opportunity to compile the information of the users.

Comparing both the types of CTAs, dynamic CTA works well over the static CTA. This personalized call to action allows you to measure user’s action, which apparently proves to be the starting point of future marketing activities.

Dynamic CTA

Dynamic CTA anticipates forging the entire journey of the user that initiated from the first click to the conversion. By this means you can keep a track of your efforts and make improvements accordingly.

5. Building constructive Blogging Network

Regular publishing blog on your website is not enough. To generate more leads and drive in traffic, you would have to contribute an article to a third-party site. While doing so, you have to create a unique identity of your brand by participating in getting your article published on such websites which are high-traffic driven. Most importantly, demonstrating a problem-solving approach in each guest post of yours would make a great difference. It would help you earn visibility when you’re surrounded by prominent brands.

Once you’re in the flow and contributing articles to a third-party site which has higher traffic, you are making your presence. When your blogs are found in the prominent places, your website gets better exposure. Evidently, this brand visibility over a period gets you magnificent lead generation. You just need to maintain this flow and gradually you’ll see leads converting into sales.

6. Chain Linking Content Assets

When it comes to creating content, it has its multiple forms to convey information to your audience. Whether it is a blog, brochure, video, article, webinar, infographic, e-book, presentation slide, website content, case study or whitepaper; every word that represents your brand is an asset. Every asset would help you generate leads only when it reaches your audience. To work on the same, you would have to chain link all of them. Either you apply cross-linking or internal linking to tag your content assets with each other, it would work wonders.


For instance, you can link your video or infographic to the blog or brochure to your presentation slide. By this means, you get an opportunity to maximize the reach and improve visibility. This pull-based marketing approach would help you increase lead conversion. The longer chain you build, the better it will perform to attract potential users.

7. Sharing Case Studies

In contemporary times, 97% of the consumers look for the references before splurging money on any product or service. It is one of the most accepted ways to judge the quality of a business.

When customers strive for the reviews, case studies prove to be an invaluable asset for you. Through sharing it you can offer assistance to your audience. Case studies would depict the proof of the products or services you offer. Not only will it be effective for the B2C market, but also B2B. In fact, a survey conducted by Content Marketing Institute report conveys that case studies rank third while considering effective tactics to amp up content marketing and lead generation strategies.

Case Study

Investing resources to produce case studies are worthy enough to attain brand recognition, but the question is that how does it work? Here is the list of few tips that would help you understand how to extract the most value out of it.

Create a dedicated page for case studies on your homepage. As visitors are more likely to explore homepage over other landing pages.

Have a slide-in CTA which links to your case study. It works better than pop-ups.

Share your case studies through publishing it on your blog. Describing it in text form is fine, but the video would work wonders to suffice your purpose of increasing lead conversion.

Incorporate case studies in your sharing networks such as social media, newsletters, email marketing or any other way.

Your sales team can link your case studies in your email signature to get a better exposure.

This way you can create a bridge between the customer’s expectation and the product or service you offer. If he would get a proper solution to his findings, he would make the purchase.

Your Turn

Once you make an attempt in the strategy for escalating your business goals, you’ll get an idea what succeeded and what did not. Accordingly, you’re most likely to master the notion by repeating successful factors.

Now is the time to take action, when the web world is brimming with the content. At this phase, if you need to sustain a preeminent position in the digital market, you’d have to come up with a fine piece of information that helps you increase the lead conversion.

Creating content in such a way that it promotes your brand image would apparently help you retain its shelf-life. Pull up your socks and get inspired by the surefire ways that are jotted in this article to convert more leads into sales.

Apart from these strategies, do you have something different to double your leads and drive potential traffic? Then, do let us know on the social networks.


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