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Posted by Sanket Patel

September 14, 2012

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First of all, before we take you into the complicated strategies of how we remove bad reviews from Complaintsboard, we want to introduce you to the complaint board itself. 

We are helping website owners to remove bad reviews and save their online reputations for years, which is why we want to share our experience and strategies with you. So you can also succeed in keeping your online reputations, and if you still found yourself in a big mess and found no way out, feel free to ask a strategy, tips or help from our reputation managers.

So let’s start.

What is is one of the most popular websites for complaints against the consumers’ service provider/individual/business house. The sole purpose of the complaint board is to help consumers raise their voices, which can be heard or noticed by millions of other consumers. Anybody can submit their issues and disputes on this website, which online readers later gather. Report Manager seeks information for these scams and lousy customer service and publishes the report as a corporate fraud paradigm.

Here are Terms & Conditions provided by the website to use their services.

Why complain in complain board is dangerous for any business.

Each business has its part of the competition, and if anyone needs to move your business downward, all he has to do is post something fake about you. The sole intention is to damage his competitor goodwill and, in contrast losing business.

The post published is publicly accessible and attracts much user attention from Google and other search engines. Anyone who searches your brand name Complainboard result comes in, highlighting your brand name as a “Fraud”. And the rest of the thing is self-explanatory.

Comments posted under the posted complaint is not controllable even by the originator of the complaint and even by administrators of

Many companies have been suffered from the same problem, and due to fake reports, they had lost their trademark reputations and lost their business.

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Here we like to share some tips to turn your negative online reputation into a positive one.

If your professional reputation has been disturbed by a false ComplaintsBoard review, you should act very quickly to resolve the issue. Please observe the following four steps to take away bad reviews of and to manage your online reputation:

Ask the user to withdraw the negative post.

Since ComplaintsBoard users can eliminate their listings, the first step is to contact an originator of the post. So to do this, you have to click the user name to open his or her profile, and you can send a private message through a website and can ask why he or she had made a complaint against you. If you are capable enough to agree, it might be the user who removes the post.

Contact ComplaintsBoard and ask them to remove the offending information.

If the offender is not removing or delete harmful content, you can contact ComplaintsBoard directly. You can contact Complainboard only if you are their registered member; if you are not a registered user of the complaint board, you will need to create an account to contact administrators.

Ask your legal representative about your legal rights in this matter.

Many business owners sued the complaint board and got positive results, so you can also contact a very skilful lawyer to handle a situation like this. But because it clearly states in ComplaintsBoard’s privacy policy that they are not responsible for the ads, most companies that sue for defamation are unsuccessful. If you think you have a clear case of infringement of copyright or trademark, you might be able to start successful litigation. 

Use ethical reputation management techniques to maintain or rebuild your online reputation. 

Finally build your online reputation is a wise decision even if you don’t have any bad reviews against you. And the best way is to do this is to get involved in a most ethical SEO CampaignSEO increases the visibility of your website and opens new opportunities for your website to interact with your customers. See, no brand in the world has a 100% customer retention rate, but always working hard to create and maintain your trademark reputation can increase the retention percentage of the business name. Ethical SEO and online reputation management can force search engines to provide only positive information about your website and your business; just all you have to do is do it properly and effectively.


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