10 Ultimate Reason Why Your Online Business Need SEO

Posted by Sanket Patel

August 12, 2019

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Google releases algorithm updates every now and then, innovations are taking place in the way users search (smartphones, voice search, etc.), and changing user behavior is changing the way Google ranks your online business. The dynamic nature of users and Google requires adaptable strategies for online businesses to keep going for a long. However, you can’t wrap yourself up in chasing new marketing strategies and leaving the growth of business behind in the hands of others for baby-sitting. That’s why SEO has become more important than ever.

Common perception regarding SEO is it helps you rank #1 on Google.

It’s true, but the concept is bigger.

SEO is much more than what it is believed to be.

Today, I will give you 10 reasons why SEO is the core center of any online business and what you are missing by overlooking SEO strategies.

10 Reasons Why SEO is a Dire Need For Every Online Business

1. SEO is an investment

Online businesses stay away from SEO or adopt it partly just because they think it will burn their deep pockets. They are missing the fact that leaving SEO behind means leaving their site behind to rot in Google’s second or third page where only ghosts come to check out what’s available for free.

  • The top spot on Google takes away 36.4% of all Clicks
  • The second one stands for 12.5%
  • And third, grabs a hand on 9.5%

Generally, when users don’t find what they are looking on the first page, they change their search term instead of looking further on Google’s second page.

SEO makes your site claim the first three spots of Google, where maximum clicks go. And the more clicks you have, the more conversion you get.

An SEO-devoid site will never make it to the first page. The key reason is competition is high. That’s why National SEO is considered a long-term investment that outshines your business from competitors.

Do you still consider it a cost? Or prefer to grab maximum clicks with an SEO investment?

2. SEO holds Central Place in Marketing

Another myth is, “Oh, I will still appear at the top without SEO, thanks to Google Ads.”

Don’t be mistaken.

Organic search is drinking 84% of total clicks on Google

Users are smart these days. They know well where to click. Their trust in organic search is increasing day by day. Also, don’t forget that the Chrome browser is busy with Adblockers. So, I ask you again how many chances you are left with Paid ads?

Got the point.

Apart from paid ads, the craze for growing with social media marketing is also replacing the SEO. Since the arrival of the concept “Likes, comments, and shares are another ranking factor,” social media is overshadowing SEO.

But Google refuted the notion.

Google clearly stated that social signals are:

  • Easily manipulated
  • Unreliable as it is impossible to gather all data from such platforms

Social media can’t replace SEO. On the contrary, it adds to the impact of SEO. More on that later.

For now, note down in big words. “SEO holds the central place in all of your marketing campaigns.” Keyword research is the strength of SEO. From there onwards, your content journey starts along with website design, organic search, paid marketing, social media, or whatever your marketing mix includes.

3. It’s a Sales Booster

When you optimize your site as per SEO principles, it will appear on the first three results of Google. From there, it will receive maximum clicks. At last, more conversion. Directly or indirectly, SEO boosts sales with organic traffic. It works 24/7, bringing searchers to your site for selling products.

4. SEO Multiplies Efforts

Website? Ready.

Content? Ready.

Social Media Channels? Ready.

All right, everything is ready but how to sell entrance tickets to the audience. Or should I ask how to bring the targeted audience to visit your hard-worked channels?

Don’t tell me you still believe in the “Create it and they will come” concept. Users have a lot of places to visit. Big brands and trustable businesses are already in queue to catch the attention. With top Google’s rankings, they have already sold tickets to their targeted audience.

Where is your online business?

Content is king. Eye-appealing graphics steal the attention. But it is SEO that makes all your channels reachable to users. SEO multiplies your efforts of content, web design, and marketing. It increases the results and thereby, conversions.

5. SEO aids Social Media Marketing

Here comes the darling of marketing. Social media marketing is gaining a lot of traction these days. Brands are not to be blamed as the fact is social media channels has become the home of online users. Social media is the place where you receive a big chunk of the audience. But tell me this, if you don’t know which keywords to put in titles and descriptions of your content, how will it attract even social media audience?

As I told you before, SEO lies in the heart of every marketing strategy. It teaches you to put the right words at the right time with the right content. Without SEO, your social content is an empty basket. No keywords, no relevance. As a result, no audience.

6. SEO Builds Trust

The goal of SEO is to make your online business searchable from across the web. That means the relevant audience will reach to you anyhow if you apply SEO the right way. Here, users’ psychology works like the more they see you, the more they itch to check out who you are. And once the awareness settles in, it won’t take long to turn prospects into customers. The customer would give your brand a trial at least to experience your services and to know why you are popping up in search engines again and again. In the end, winning trust will be a cup of tea. Thanks to SEO.

7. SEO Makes You Omnipresent

Big brands are everywhere. Aren’t they?

Consider Amazon. Sometimes I do feel like Amazon is following me everywhere. Call it Facebook, Instagram, Sidebars of websites, Google (obviously) or wherever I visit online. Not only this, Amazon knows what I want, and that’s why it keeps popping up with the same items. If nothing works, it emails me the items I last viewed but never added to cart.

I know Amazon implements a couple of things to keep track of users, but SEO still wins the game. Global and local SEO use data to determine where is your audience and what they are looking for. Implementing such data makes your online business ubiquitous.

8. SEO Builds Your Brand

SEO leaves a lasting effect on users.

When you are omnipresent with a solution to users’ problems, your business turns into a brand for users. Soon, whenever users look for something that you have, they will directly type your site’s name instead of Googling it. Like Amazon. SEO possesses the ability to make your online reach at the branding level.

9. SEO Lasts Longer

SEO works like planting seeds and waiting for them to grow in a tree. Meanwhile, you continue to water it, give it enough sunshine, and save it from storms (SEO efforts).

Initially, SEO doesn’t show quick results as paid media do, but over time, it produces juicy results to keep the conversion go for a long. For e.g., those long-form content, site structure based on SEO rules, etc., come with long-term benefits to keep users entertained in all seasons.

10. SEO Helps You win Competition

After keyword research, competitor research is another noteworthy feature of SEO. It gives you a bird’s eye view on what competitors are doing and how you can copy their strategies without letting them know. SEO follows a smart approach to win over competition and hack your way to Google’s first page rankings.

What else you need to implement SEO today?

There’s More to SEO than Rankings

While it’s tempting to focus on Google’s first page rankings, taking the time to know other benefits of SEO is extremely important to understand it’s worth. From site design to marketing to online and offline sales, SEO plays a vital role at each stage. Take care of SEO, and search engines will take care of your online business.


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