How to Make your Google AdWords Spend Go Further

Posted by Vivek Parikh

September 02, 2013

PPC 9 min read

The pay-per-click or PPC model of internet advertising via Google Adwords is known to be very effective. People use this method to get more users to their sites by paying publishers or site owners when an ad is clicked.

The value of a site is determined by bidding on keywords and phrases that relate to the specific target market, for example, let’s take Jask Group, a UK-based web design agency, they would want to use of course the word ‘web design’ and ‘local web designers’, the ads are placed on banners and on sidebars for the greatest effect.

The most important component of PPC is arguably the use of keyword grouping and keyword research, and investing time into these aspects will help increase how effective your PPC campaign is. But what follows are some ways you can go even further using the Google AdWords platform.

Google Adwords

Switch off the Google Display Network:

By switching off the Google Display Network, which is activated by default, you can reduce the number of low converting ads on other people’s sites within the Google Display Network if it’s not right for your target audience. You can do this by going to the Campaigns tab chose your campaign and disable it the setting.

Keep the CPC as lean as possible:

Cost Per Click

By making sure that you set a maximum CPC or cost-per-click rate you will balance with your budget if your funds are on the lower end. This well helps you get the most value out of your campaign.

Switch off Early Mornings & Weekends:

You should never waste time when advertising and since PPC lets you manage when your ads are, up you should switch them off late at night and early in the morning, especially if these are not your periods of operation.

No bum keywords:

You should strive to get rid of keywords that are not working for you. Keywords that are getting lots of impressions, and not very many clicks, are not working for you and in many ways, they are working against you. Turning these keywords off will help to streamline your campaign.

Keyword specific ads:

Make your ads as targeted as possible. By drafting your ads to compliment your keywords your PPC ad gets as many clicks as possible. A few keyword-targeted ads can go further than you might think.

Be SEO friendly:

Making your site Keyword friendly is a way to draw users to your business, but it is also a way that you can help improve your PPC campaign. An SEO friendly site, coupled with keyword relevance will improve your quality score, and consequently reduce your CPCs.


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