5 Google AdWords Tips For a Limited Budget

Posted by ketan parmar

August 12, 2013

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The Internet has drastically changed the way business is conducted. Today, many people go online to view products and make purchases. In addition, billions of dollars are exchanged online each year regarding business transactions. Almost any conceivable type of purchase can be made online, and many people go online to conduct searches concerning the products they are looking to purchase.

Google Adwords Tools

One of the most popular methods that businesses use to get their products in front of consumers online is pay per click, which is commonly referred to as PPC. This method of online advertising allows advertisers to select specific keywords or keyword phrases for bidding purposes.

The most popular search engine used for online searches is owned by Google, which provides millions of search results on a daily basis. Google provides two separate search results for each search conducted. One is an organic search result and the other is a pay per click search result. Organic search results are free to search results that are provided to searchers. While PPC search results are provided on the same page but are placed in a different section on the page. Each time a user clicks on a PPC search result link, the advertiser who is listed on the link is charged the bid amount shown for the click.

For advertisers, the PPC search results can be very profitable because the people who are looking for the products or services pertaining to the search results are highly targeted searchers. However, PPC advertising can be very expensive for advertisers.

Even though PPC can be expensive, there are several tips that can be used to help advertisers on limited budgets who want to use Adwords. These tips include setting a daily bid budget, selecting targeted keywords, tracking keyword conversion rates, removing poor performing keywords, and creating good ad titles.

Setting A Daily Bid Budget

The cost related to bidding on keywords can be controlled on a daily basis by setting a daily budget. Once the daily budgeted amount has been spent, no more clicks will be allowed that day.

Selecting Targeted Keywords

Advertisers can control advertising costs by selecting targeted keywords, which will reduce the number of times their bids are shown for possible clicks on the Google Adwords platform.

Tracking Keyword Conversion Rates

Advertisers can manage their advertising costs by tracking conversion rates for keywords. By doing this, advertisers can monitor the best and worst-performing keywords then adjust their bid amounts for the keywords based on the conversion rates of the various keywords.

Removing Poor Performing Keywords

Regarding their efforts to reduce advertising costs, advertisers can remove poor performing keywords that are not producing sales. The money that was used on these poor performing keywords can then be used to try new keywords or transferred over to the better performing keywords.

Creating Good Ad Titles

Advertisers can lower their costs concerning keywords by constructing highly effective ad titles that target the desired searchers, thereby reducing unwanted clicks.

Google Adwords is a popular platform for PPC advertising. The platform is used by a variety of advertisers from large corporations to small one-person businesses. For businesses and individuals on a limited budget, there are many ways to use Adwords effectively on a limited budget. In addition, advertisers can seek assistance from PageInk.


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