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Posted by Vikram Rathod

March 09, 2016

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Before we start our discussion on Penguin Updates, let me share a quote that was once said by Matt Cutts- “Penguin Update; Designed to target solely WEBSPAM, not SEO’s!”

We are on the verge of 2015 and look what the SEO industry is expecting for- The Latest Penguin Update for 2016 “Real Time Penguin Update”. The Google spokesperson has announced that the next Penguin update is coming soon!! Even the Google Webmasters have confirmed about this and stated that the SEO industry will soon embrace the next Penguin update before the end of 2015.

Even though we are waiting with bated breath, the industry is going ga-ga over some effects in the rankings that seem to be the effect of the Penguin real-time update. However, some say that it is just a core update and not the actual Penguin one.

This is what Gary Illyes had mentioned on January 10 this year:

He mentioned that the Google engineers are “still testing”, but for me this looks like the “final release candidate.”

With this, it has been cleared that January 10 has just marked a level of activity and is nothing like the SEO industry has experienced in 2015. It is bigger than Penguin 3, but not bigger than the PayDay Loan update that was roll out back in May 2014.

Based on some past experiences, it has been resulted that the Google Penguin 4.0 roll out might not have finished yet and it maybe just a pre-test or the beginning of hoe “Real Time Penguin” will look like. As soon as the full roll out will take place, Google will confirm with a post about that. But yes, the fact that some of the industry may have experienced Real Time Penguin Update could not be denied.

Besides that, we have gathered some interesting facts from some of the leading websites that indicated their ranking fluctuation around 9th Jan and 10th Jan.

It was found that the website- was actually hit on Saturday to get back up on Sunday.All the rankings of the site got disappeared for a day.

Later it was found that website was newly launched website, but still there was something interesting that ranked the website. The main thing that made interesting for the Google Penguin was its link profile.

Are these indications enough to prove that the Penguin real-time has arrived and the effects that we are noticing are the result of the same. Well, we think that we need to gear up for it right now. Read on to know what Penguin real-time will be all about and how we could ensure that we don’t get hit by it.

What To Expect From Penguin 2016 Update?

The Penguin 2016 update that is buzzing as “Real Time Penguin Algorithm Update” is a real-time version- as its name suggests. With this update, the Google will detect the spammy links that will create an immediate impact and remove all the spammy links. These sites may expect for more immediate recovery. Besides that, the previously caught sites that were trapped by mistake due to “False Positives” with any Penguin update have chances to get escape. Also, new sites that were not caught previously might get trapped in Penguin 2016 update.

In other words, the Search engine will find the junk hyperlinks that will create an instant effect on the site and with the elimination of these links, the website will experience an immediate restoration.

Save Your Website From Getting Penalized By Penguin 2016 Update:

1. Optimizing Internal Links:

The Penguin update is highly concerned with the external links, but still it is advised not to ignore the internal link signals that you are giving to the Google. As these internal links highly influence the search engines to crawl your site, you must consider this as a major factor. The internal links have a strong influence as it dictates the search engines about the pages that have higher importance.

2. Anchor Text Distribution:

Ensure that not all of your links have the exact-match anchor text. The links must be unanimously varied according to the long-tail keywords, brand, URL as well as non-descriptive keywords. Briefly explaining, you must include the most branded anchor text by which most of the people will find you.

3. Disavowing Links:

It may be quite perplexing whether to go for disavowing links or not. Generally, Google has nothing to do with the junk or spammy links pointing towards your site. The Disavowing process is not any kind of substitute for getting the links removed manually, but if it is really going to affect your website, you must opt for the Disavowing process. Just remember that Penguin is an algorithm update you must not worry about submitting the reconsideration request.

4. Having Too Many Referring Links:

Remember, having a steady increase in the Total Referring Domains is considered to be valid by the Search Engines, instead of having sudden increase. The sudden increase in those referring links will obviously catch the Google’s attention as it has almost negligible chances of its natural occurrence. Make sure this doesn’t happens and also focus on the site-wide links which can give a clear signal of spammy practices.

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A Glance At The Brief History Of Penguin Updates:

If you are in the SEO industry since many years, you must be knowing about the history of Penguin update, but if you are just a beginner let me share you important highlights of these updates.

The very first Google Penguin Update was announced on April 24, 2012. The main focus of this update is to degrade the search engine rankings for those websites that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. This majorly includes penalizing those websites that use black-hat SEO techniques for optimizing their ranking on the search engines. Besides that, with the release of Penguin update considerable actions are taken for removing bad links.

Final wrap up:

Soon the SEO industry is going to experience a new Real Time Penguin Update that will mainly affect the sites having spammy links. There are some indications of Real Time Penguin Update roll-out, but there is no proof of its actual roll-out. So, it is advisable to maintain your website and stay within the rules before Penguin update roll-out. Good Luck!!


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