How To Make The Best Use of Your Keywords ?

Posted by Ajay Chandnani

August 26, 2013

SEO 3 min read

The SEO industry has become very challenging to promote your online business. By optimizing your website smartly you can still increase your online presence simply. While optimizing your website you need to focus on many things like on-page SEO, content marketing, web design and many more things.

In the above video, Monish Vora has explained how actually you need to use your keywords? And why it is essential to focus on?

A keyword is a single word or phrase defining a topic, subject area or concept. To optimize your website well you need to make sure that you have used your keywords in title tags, meta keywords, meta descriptions, URL, ALT tags and beginning of a document etc. Implementing these things will make your on-page SEO good. But you need to take care of many things which you can refer to in this video.


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