How To Increase Unique Visitors To Your Site

Posted by Anant Patel

March 09, 2010

SEO 18 min read

After making ready and placing up your blog site, you need to make your intended visitors view your site. Although this is tough but not impossible. To generate more income means you need to gain more traffic, and for this, you need to prepare your site for your visitors. But, be sure that when they arrive, visitors can get the information they need from your site. So you need to concentrate on the content and post useful and informative article content.

Social Media
Everyone is aware of the various social media websites namely Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and many others. Social media is one of the hugely empowered networks to fetch unique visitors to your site. It increases the opportunities to convert leads into sales. With social media, businesses are able to directly connect and promote themselves to visitors. We could say that It is definitely a cost-effective way to advertise to a number of users who have already followed or liked your business. You need to build up a strong profile with active participants and share your content, and thoughts, and also offer the various services which will increase traffic and ranking as well. There are many ways that social media can help businesses depending on the company and the industry you are in.

Guest Blogging
Guest Blogging is a marketing strategy that helps to establish your credibility within your niche audience and gain a bigger following on your social media accounts and websites. You just need to research and contact other bloggers and website owners within your niche industries and request a guest post on their site. Make sure your content should be unique and contains relevant information, because good authority websites would, obviously judge your quality before giving a link to your site. This enables you to earn the links that come from good high authority sites. In short, if you are looking for more exposure, credibility, inbound links, social media exposure, and networking opportunities – Guest blogging is a worthwhile content marketing strategy.

Press Release
Press releases enable one to build a strong relationship with the public, simultaneously increasing visibility for your keywords. Search Engines have become intelligent and more focused for the convenience of their users. In order to appear on the first page of a search engine, if a press release is crafted in the right way, it could prove to be beneficial for your SEO campaign as well. Press releases are important for small businesses as well as for large corporations. By just sticking to a long-term press release distribution strategy, the customers get to know who you are, what you do, and why they need you. It’s all about building trust with customers. We could also say that understanding the nuances of press release vs press statement is a powerful tool to highlight the success and advancement of your company to attract investors. Make sure once your press release has been published, you would have to promote the same via social media channels to improve social signals.

Organic SEO
Organic SEO is the process of improving traffic toward your website to obtain natural placements on organic search engine result pages. Organic SEO refers to improving traffic through many techniques namely using keyword analysis, backlinking, and link building to improve link popularity, and writing relevant content. These organic search results are free and you do not have to pay anything for using Organic SEO. It will definitely help you when you think about starting a good campaign for your website.

Social Bookmarking
Social Bookmarking is one of the top proven techniques in driving visitors to your site.,,, and are a few to take into account. It largely depends on your choice or preference.

Comment Relevant Blogs
Blog commenting is One of the most common ways to get a backlink through commenting on other blog posts. You will find it one of the easiest ways to get visitors coming to your website. However, you should not forget to leave significant messages. Readers recognize that you can also make sense even of a simple comment. It is so obvious that you don’t want to leave a proper message and just a link for the time being. So, there is a chance that your comment will just flush through the Spam section.

Join Forums
Join forums relevant to your topic. The key to exploiting this benefit is through active participation in forum discussions. One way to do so is to ask some of your questions or answer one for your co-members problem. You can also gain respect by sharing a solution to a known problem. Of course, don’t forget to promote your site whenever you have a chance. So start the forum link building to your site.

Last on my list is to advertise your website. It will be the most effortless solution if you are willing to spend some bucks. Of course, you need to select other sites that have more unique visitors than yours. And if you have more courage to try another approach in this category, you can take your chances with other media like print ads, newspapers, radio, or even television.


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