7 Proven SEO Tactics - How To Break Out Of Traffic Slump

Posted by Vikram Rathore

July 21, 2016

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Experiencing traffic drop? Feeling stuck? Here are 7 tried and tested SEO techniques to be motivated and boost your website traffic.

Every business owner or marketer would love to have a rising graph of website’s traffic. But every website faces significant amount of rising or dropping search traffic at some point or other.

Actually, a random algorithm update may kill many things for a week or two. Audiences may leave, your website may get hit from penalties.

website traffic

At times, it would be due to your fault, but sometimes, this may be out of your control. If you’re an SEO expert, you may manage to take over things in many cases. But for a newbie, there may be many SEO snake oil salesmen convincing you to add some weird hacks to boost your SEO.

Here are some proven SEO tweaks that actually work to get higher numbers. Unlike the commonly known SEO tactics like Guest Posting, Spammy Content, Link Building blah.. Blah.. ,These are relatively advance techniques which should be definitely tried to get a higher search ranking and increased traffic to your site:

#1. Get Featured On Google Knowledge Graph

Google collects sources of data for the knowledge graph from wikidata; ensure the search engine has all the knowledge about your brand and it actually appears as knowledge graph result when your brand is searched by someone. Here are some easy steps you can perform to easily get featured on Google knowledge Graph:

Google Knowledge Graph

Check whether there’s any information about your brand in the knowledge graph. Get a Google+ account and create page that helps you get your business information on the knowledge graph.

Claim your local listing on Google+ because getting your business appear on the knowledge graph helps in getting rated and reviewed by the Google+ users as well as third-party sites. So, encouraging your customers to rate your business will reinforce your brand’s standing with google.

Write an exhaustive piece on your brand which is informative not promotional and choose a channel to publish your data on any Wiki properties such as Wikipedia. Remember, your web page must be backed by strong and structured data because fluffy, thin content may not be accepted by the editors.

Now, link the keywords and brands to the public documents hosted on Wiki sites with one of your link or reference pointing to the site you created.

You can also add social media URLs to the reference pages. Another good idea is to create a group on LinkedIn for the related topic and link it as reference on your Wiki page. Don’t forget to write an authoritative content on your sub-domain or website and link to it as a reference.

By making sure you cover all these points, you’re likely to give your brand extra zoom-in in Google search results.

#2. Next, Get Into Google News

Yes, you may not have thought about Google News to be your traffic Source before. But, it’s a traffic wellspring. Generally, news articles get pulled by google on two SERPs – a traditional one you’re using and the News section.

Just check this screen shot:

Google News

What actually needs to get you into Google News? – It requires honest reporting, cutting-edge articles, regular updates and strong perseverance. Let’s see a brief checklist of what you should do for your website to show up on Google News SERP:

Start a “News” section on your blog or website and update it with 1-2 posts regularly.

Before you start your news section, it is advised to follow the Google Quality Guidelines. The content you publish should be unique, authoritative and newsworthy. Don’t publish aggregated content. For keyword research, you can set up a Google Alert for the best keyword in your niche.

The bottom line of each post must be linked to author’s profile, containing their contact information and their social media profile links.

To become a Google news partner, you need to subscribe for a paid Google account. The best deal is to sign up for Google Apps email account which is available for only a $5 per month.

Now, you’re all set to build up a sizeable content and start publishing your content and enroll as a Google News partner.

Yeah! Though it sounds low, This really works millions!

#3. Register with Google Posts

Have you heard about Google Posts?
Can you notice the red outlined carousel on the below Google SERP screen shot?

Google Post

Yes, the posts contained in such carousels are the Google posts. Though this feature is not launched yet, there’s a waitlist, you can get on the waitlist. These google posts allow verified and prominent personalities and organizations to create useful content such as text, images and videos to publish them instantly. To start using Google Posts, you should sign up and grab the benefits when it goes live.

#4. Use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) HTML/JS

This is a new coding standard which is definitely going to become a global HTML coding practice. AMP HTML is just as regular HTML with some restrictions that help in reducing chunkiness to generate reliability.

AMP HTML and JS improves your website’s loading speed to a great extent. This is an upcoming protocol to become a premier ranking factor.

Google AMP

Do you remember the time when Google made mobile-friendly design – a major ranking factor?
The developers who were slow to get hands on it, suffered from the dropped rankings.

And, that is why, I encourage to get started on AMP right away and make your site AMP-ready. Because, these AMP sites will let your web pages load faster, which will help you rank higher and drive more and more traffic.

#5. Using The Skyscraper Technique

‘Skyscraper technique’ – This term is coined by Backlinko’s Brian Dean which relates to turn the content into high quality links to grab more traffic.

Though it seems quite simple, it is a pretty intense task. Does It works? Yes, It works great!

Skyscraper Technique SEO

There are many sites which had traditionally low traffic and after using this technique they’ve managed to break out of traffic slump and experienced a huge rise in website’s traffic.

So, how should you exploit it?

First, research the most shared content in your niche.

Select 2-3 posts of your niche that serve as the base for your research.

Simply, write a better and more in-depth article with a brand new title. This can be done by checking out research reports and there are many ways to revamp and improve the things that currently exist.

Now, market your article on the same channels or groups where they were originally present.

With no doubt, your article will be picked up and talked about which will result in traffic, shares and generate more traffic.….

#6. Be An Expert In Your Niche

Seems too onerous, Right?

Its not that difficult! You can skyrocket your site’s traffic by cultivating and growing your personal brand. Sometimes it takes a decade doing this. And, sometimes you can actually boost traffic and generate converting leads and make million dollars business in a matter of time.

SEO expert

You can even do this, See how:

Begin to share important knowledge tactfully and help the community without revealing your business secrets.

Register at prominent Q&A sites like WikiHow, Quora and Yahoo Answers, join LinkedIn groups and reach out some sites in your niche which can benefit from your guest authorship.

If your answers seem to help people, users will start requesting your help. When you get help requests, its right time to strike.

At this point, make your contribution to the community, but link back to your article or site when you help people.

This will let the followers and browsers follow your link and your site’s traffic will get crazily multiplied.

Whatever you share, make sure to be polite and share factual and helpful information.

#7. Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin

There are many website owners who may be performing all the actionable and right SEO techniques and still experiencing static traffic volume. The answer would be – May be you’re doing too many right things.

Though there are plenty of Content Marketing and SEO tips available online, reading all of them is good, but implementing all of them may prove to be counterproductive.

For example, content marketing is done well on social media and blogs, which are interactive and user-driven. The users tend to expect the author or poster to interact with them and follow up on their posts. And, if you’re excessively involved in content marketing, you may not get enough time to interact. Moreover, you may feel burnt out doing too many things simultaneously.

The best advice is to stick to 3-4 prominent social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Once you get the desired followers and traffic that boost sales, you can think of hiring social-savvy people to handle other social media channels.

Ending Note:

If you’re experiencing traffic slump due to slow loading web pages, chunky coding, malware, lousy server or user un-friendly design etc., no SEO, SEM, PPC or SMM can help you. Moreover, you’ll be wasting large amount of money.

So, fix up the basic flaws first, then move to SEO and marketing. The above-mentioned tactics have the potential to convert and help you attract more traffic. I’m confident these will work. Please let me know how it worked for you!

Do you perform any other effective SEO strategy for your website challenges and success? You can share with others too.…






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