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Posted by Sanket Patel

March 30, 2012

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In the concept of second tier of link building, an advanced link building tactic is discussed and that is building links to pages that link to you. These types of concepts are used in spammier instances like link wheels or other less than favorable examples where links are possible to push at reliable domains. In some cases, this second tier phantom link building is utilized to cover the leverage spammy tools for benefit without truly putting sites at risk. The main aim of the second tier link building is to drive traffic, conversions and more links that are strong and excellent one.

Probably, you will have an excellent list of referrers back to your website in your analytics. There are few websites that drive more numbers of visits than others and the best thing is that you will get visits from different pages, source and events. There is best chance for any legitimate business that strong referrers directly drive conversions for their business.  These superior quality referring links are those links for which we are drooling over. They help to pass SEO value as well as referring traffic by which we can easily make money.

It is very common practice to think of such websites and the traffic which they drive. We are also able to make a webmaster request and position a link that enhance clickthrough rate but further that we are likely to leave that domain to value into these sites but beyond the pure authority and semantic connection they might imbue, they are relatively ignored on a more advanced level.

Queries that are dominated with blog post as best conversion Mechanisms

Many a time, blogs which are from outside have huge conversion generators for business, in some cases, it prefers that these external blog posts rank for a top tier term over the website itself.


In this above image, you can see that Top Rank and Mashable are neck for the top spot where they each list rundown of various tools to use for social management. Imagine what you will do if you was listed on Mashable’s post and not Top Rank? What you will do if you were listed on both? Don’t you prefer to have the page ranking 1st which doesn’t have you thusly compared 21 anther businesses? Well it is obvious, you will. Because for sure, your page will get more visits, your business will also get more clicks and you will also get more conversion.

Along with that, you will also get various other SEO advantages from pushing links to the domain which will certainly dribble some link juice out to an external site to your business. When these blog posts provider you single “social media management tool” review in the perfect storm or any other related concept then it values much greater. Such blog post dominated queries are best and perfect storm as they are regularly the easy and convenient move. They all just need some little amount of efforts and some nice exact match anchors and wahla – you’ve got additional referrers that are estatic to be visiting your business. Well we can’t say this that it cannot be done with other competitive terms.

If you are one of content driven businesses then it is for guarantee that there are referring pages obtainable like for your company which only require little push to enhance traffic by 30% or more.

For External Website, Identify Referring Search Terms!

If you are looking for easiest way to identify the top terms driving referring traffic to your website then you can directly as to webmaster. You are also able to found real report with them by letting them know that you are planning on building links in the hope to help you both. Sometime, webmasters are not so sophisticated or responsive to your inquiries, so you may have to go about it yourself.

In order to find high volume terms with strong relevance to your business, you can dots back to the Google Adwords tool. Spyfu is also competitive research tool that helps to reveal the top referring search terms for the domain.


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