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Posted by Anant Patel

January 25, 2013

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Pinterest is a virtual pin board that is made incorporate with a social network and it is a kind of a digital Scrapbook. The users of this network can promote products and services for free and they can categorize these products under different pins such as wedding planning, cooking/recipes, fashion, home interior, jewelry, crafts and do it yourself. These are the most popular pins over the network. There is a great business and marketing potential with Pinterest and the statistics show just that. The network has increased and expanded more than 4000% than its previous size over the last six months. There have been recorded around ten million unique visitors, this tells the story of the great business potential over this network.

Pinterest Business Benefits Graph

Building a Brand:

A business can build a brand by letting more and more people know of it over Pinterest. This way the business can let people know of the services, prices, and qualities of their products and services. There is a suggestion for new brands to build a link of their brand with a lifestyle of people. This way they can be more influential on the minds of their potential customers. The new brand can also expose the unseen side of their business that is the humorous side. The Pinterest profile of a business has to be very diverse and promising where there are dedicated boards for charity purposes, queries, and other things so that the brand seems up to date. The content has to be very engaging to catch the eyes of a lot of Pinterest users.

Driving Traffic to Website or Blog:

It is a must for an online business to have a website or a blog at the least. A good rule of thumb is to let the viewers of Pinterest content become visitors of the website of the business. It is of no big use for the business if the viewers simply “like” the content, it is better to leave a link that takes them to the website or the blog where they can see more about the business. Blogs and web pages heavily depend upon advertising, and the businesses that operate on the basis of “pay per click” can benefit greatly from the Pinterest traffic visiting their web pages and blogs.

Advertising Services and Products:

Pinterest serves to be a great way of advertising the products and services that are offered by a Business. But there is a catch; the business must not make the viewers think that it is what it likes, but it should make them feel that it is what it offers. Another tip for promoters is to avoid making the Pinterest content look too promotional. The services have to be highlighted well in the content to let the people know of them without going through all of it. There is no use of very fancy content if it does not put forth the main concern to the Readers. Adding the price in the description of that particular good or service, filter it automatically in a price category.


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