Featured Snippets: What They Are & How to Optimize Them

Posted by Vikram Rathod

September 15, 2021

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What are Featured snippets?

Google introduced one of the most prominent SERP updates in the year 2014 named Featured Snippets’ These are short snippets of texts that quickly answer the searcher’s query and are featured on the top of Google’s Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP).

There are different formats of Featured snippets; definitions, tables, steps, and lists. These snippets are also called ‘Position 0’ as it features above the #1 spot of Google. The snippets can gain you more clicks without your site ranking higher on Google.  

By clicking on the featured snippets, users can directly access the particular section of the page that you would aim where the detailed information is given. There are various perks you can experience once you achieve the featured snippet.

Thrillingly, achieving a featured snippet is a challenging task. You can make it easier by putting in the right efforts and waiting for the Google algorithm to show its magic. Some of the most popular domains that have earned featured snippets are; Youtube, Reddit, Quora, Amazon, Healthline, WebMD, and Fandom. You all know how trustworthy these resources are in their niche. 

If you are still looking for motivation to secure a featured snippet, then the information below states the strategies and benefits of achieving them, but before hopping onto that, learn about different types of featured snippets.

Types of featured snippets

There are four common types of featured snippets:


This definition is simply a concise and descriptive text that answers user queries in simple words with the keyword infused in it.

What is a featured snippet


The paragraph answers the user’s queries like; how, what, why, when, and what is a little more detail than definition. A paragraph is the most common form of featured snippet.

paragraph type of featured snippet


The list is presented either in numbers or bullets. This list snippet could be used to explain processes and instructions of things like recipes.

list snippet


Table answers the searcher’s query with comparison charts that show up accurate statistics about a particular topic. Google looks at how a well-constructed table accurately and comprehensively answers the searcher’s queries.

table type of featured snippet

Strategies to optimize for a featured snippet

The game of snippet is all about strategy. In order to achieve the Google rank, you need to make minute as well as major changes to your website. These include changes in content, implying new SEO strategies, and improving the website’s user experience.

Extensive keyword research

Right keywords are extremely necessary to push your content up and achieve the rank you are looking for. Make sure to infuse the right keywords in your content that while answers the searcher’s query on your website.

There are plenty of keyword research tools online that will help you choose the accurate keywords for your content. The more keywords in your content, the higher your chances of achieving a featured snippet. Just make sure not to stuff keywords excessively.

Keep an eye on competitor’s snippets

Competitor’s analysis is worth your effort and you should do it not to steal someone else’s strategy but to get an idea about what Google supports.  Once you go through a lot of snippets and figure out the ranking strategy, you can change the content accordingly and expect improvements.

Create quality content

Create well-researched content that answers user’s search queries and also increases the chance of being featured in the snippet. Google supports a website that provides interesting and valuable content. You can add the consumers’ questions to your search queries and answer them effectively in your content.

Add ‘How to’ section to your website

Many search queries start with the ‘How to’ phrase which gives you an idea to add such questions to your site. Answers should be added along. Your answers should be worth implementing and conveyed in a comprehensive manner that solves the reader’s problem. This section can also increase the chances of showing up in the snippet.

Use quality images

Using high-quality images is an essential factor for Image optimization. An image in a snippet has a higher chance of ranking, increasing traffic and conversions. Make sure not to use the same image for content and featured snippet as Google uses the image algorithm to load each and every image separately.

Optimize your SEO and provide greater UX

  • Figure out and fix the SEO problems on your site
  • Add sufficient internal links and quality external links
  • Provide a good user experience. Ensure that your website is easy to navigate and crawl
  • Make a fast and mobile-friendly website
  • Create valuable, informative, and comprehensive content for users
  • Add quality images to your site
  • Make your page readable and user-friendly

These fixes will help you increase your organic rankings and establish a better online presence.

Benefits of featured snippets

Google’s Featured snippets have been applicable since 2014 and have provided plenty of benefits since then that have helped a lot of people.

1. Boost website traffic

Featured snippets can significantly boost the traffic on your website. As a website owner, you will notice a lot of people visiting your site. This way you can also identify which areas of your website are working well and which areas need improvement.

2. Increase in conversions

Conversion is the most attractive benefit of getting a featured snippet. If your customers find your website through a Featured snippet they are likely to click on them and take action accordingly.

If users find your website more informative and interesting, the visitors are likely to convert into customers or take actions like subscribing to your newsletter.

3. Increased brand exposure

A Featured snippet can earn you more clicks and impressions which will help you increase brand exposure. The better the content of the relevant topics on your site, the more visibility on the SERP. This helps you grow your online web presence.

4. Increases website authority

One of the primary Google ranking factors is website authority or how much Google trusts the site. The website authority is determined by the number of visits, average time spent by each visitor, link building, and many more. The Featured snippet improves the overall authority of the website and attracts more users.

5. Improved click-through rates

This depends completely upon the search queries, but with featured snippets, you can expect a higher click-through rate on your webpage.

Wrapping it up

These are some of the strategies that will overall increase the chances of achieving a Featured snippet. Once you achieve it, you will experience the benefits stated above. Your aim would be to increase traffic on your site or boost conversions for which you should make efforts to achieve position 0 in SERP.

Nowadays, voice searches are conducted more than text. Whenever a user verbally asks something to Google, the search engine pulls out the most relevant response to the user’s queries through Featured snippets. Voice searches are likely to grow drastically in the future for which you should pay more attention towards achieving the Featured snippet. Also, more people are searching on mobile so do not fail to make your website mobile-friendly with a good user experience.


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