What is Link Dilution (devaluation)?? : Google Penguin Recovery!

Posted by Anant Patel

August 16, 2013

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With the changing scenario of online digital marketing status, the major search engines are implementing new algorithms and techniques every now and then. The people associated with the SEO industry keep on integrating these strategies for the recovery of their websites. One such popular technique these days in SEO world is the Link Dilution technique. With reference to this technique, Tejas Kirodiwal, the known SEO expert at Blurbpoint.com gave a brief and informative presentation to the users.

What is Link Dilution?

In general, a search engine judges a web page on the basis of two types of links-internal and external. The internal links keep on redirecting to the same website, while the external links redirect to the other websites. The value of a web page goes low if it has too many external links. Hence, the pages which link to other web pages, have very low value. Even having a high PR doesn’t enhance the rate of growth.

If taken in normal terms, then Link dilution actually happens in Google webmaster’s backlink profile like that of

being taken from many open access sources. These sources include forums, blogs comments, Article Submission etc. In spite of making new links, dilution is a hindrance for the recovery of the website to get back the same position back in Google as it was earlier. cleaning your backlink profile removes the process of link dilution. So basically, a link dilution can be recovered through three steps-

1) Website audit– This is overall performance of a website online. This concept is deeply linked to that search engine optimization.

2) Poor backlinks responsible for link dilution– This is often required to look out for the links which are responsible for a website to lose its position in the search engine. Spammy and unnatural links are some of the forms of poor backlinks.

3) disavow tools– When the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) of a particular website starts getting suffered in the search engine, then these tools are required to maintain the quality of the website. You can put all those spammy or unnatural links to this tool, which are hard to remove on your own. For Example





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