Top 10 US Legal Directories for 2023

Posted by Vikram Rathod

May 27, 2022

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A legal directory lists law-related businesses. Online legal directories make it easy for potential clients to search for lawyers and law firms according to their geographical location and practice area. 

These online directories also provide marketing opportunities- such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), online reviews, and lead generation- which can become a massive aid for those wanting to grow their firms with minimum hassle. 

You can attract new potential clients who might not know you otherwise!

Why is a Legal Directory Important to Lawyers?

A lawyer’s job is to represent and defend their client in a court of law. And every lawyer has their own set of specializations. Some offer services within the civil court, and some handle accident cases in a criminal court. 

The offline process of hiring a lawyer is complex for an individual, with lots of considerations. Fortunately, a list of lawyers available online is a good starting point for those looking for attorneys. 

Not just that, the benefits are not limited to users but the lawyers too. That is why listing your firm in the best-known lawyer directories is a good move. 

Businesses want to find reliable lawyers, and they will expect referrals from their lawyers. A good lawyer directory will list you among the most reputable lawyers in your area.

Benefits of listing your law firm in legal directories

  • Connect with Potential Clients 

Establishing a presence online is critical in today’s world for success. Legal directories offer your law firm the fastest way to connect with clients and other firms. 

Lawyer directories are databases of attorneys that enable clients and law firms like yours to search for lawyers by location, practice area, or name of the firm. 

Today, digital versions of these directories let you improve your Google ranking and market your services in new ways. Such as ranking your firm higher when someone searches for a lawyer.

  • Enhances Credibility 

Being listed in specific law firm directories increases your credibility with potential clients. For instance, some guides require their lawyers to have verdicts over a certain amount, spotlighting your credentials and promoting you to prospective customers. 

You may also be able to display a ranking, badges, and awards from a prestigious legal directory on your website, improving both reputation and visibility.

In addition, many legal directories allow law firms and attorneys the opportunity to publish articles. Whether it is about a legal topic, legal news, or general issues, lawyers can post these articles offering users free resource information who visit online. 

This helps lawyers establish themselves as experts in their field of practice areas, while digital marketing services might help legal help seekers get a qualified lawyer.

  • Helps in SEO Ranking

Legal Directories inevitably appear at the top of search engine results when someone searches for “legal advice.” 

And listing their websites on these directories helps enhance the SEO ranking of their websites through backlinking. 

Top US Legal Directories for 2023

1) Avvo

Avvo is a top-rated lawyer directory. The site has established itself as a trustworthy directory by registering almost two million users. Also, the site is the most widely used directory, with over 1.5 million lawyers listed.

The website is very intuitive and easy to use. Users can just type in the desired search keywords, and the directory will return the relevant list of lawyers or law firms.

2) Martindale-Hubbell

Martindale-Hubbell (NYSE: MH) enjoys a high global authority on legal career education and a service that provides law firms and legal professionals with legal directory information. 

The legal directory is the leading U.S. listing service, regularly generating more than one million paid listings and a monthly audience of more than 20 million users who download those listings. 

The website features an easy-to-use, branded online portal that provides easy access to the firm’s legal directory, online community, news, and special reports. By following MH’s online guidelines, legal professionals can access client applications through the firm’s website.


This website provides a directory of lawyers with premium memberships. Those who purchase this membership get a high ranking on the website, increasing their visibility. 

Attorneys looking to advertise can promote their services as sponsored law firms or lawyers on

4) Super Lawyers

On Super Lawyers, people can look for attorneys and law firms depending on their location and lawyers’ specialization. That means listing your business here could give your firm an additional boost in publicity! 

The platform is easy to navigate and shares many features with its users. You can take advantage of those to get the most from the directory. 

5) Best Lawyers

BestLawyers offers recognition based on peer reviews instead. Only listing the top 5% from each state, the platform allows people to choose from the list of experts near their location. In addition, it also narrows down the search by field of expertise (legal practice).

Best Lawyers offer awards annually, recognizing leading lawyers located within specific areas.

6) Lawtally

LawTally allows you to browse profiles of attorneys based on various filters. It has information like the lawyer’s qualifications, area of expertise, years of work experience, and past cases they have handled. 

You can also find out more about attorneys through success stories and contact details on the platform. 

The lawyers are categorized into 112 practice areas: business law, family law, DUI, DWI, Litigation, etc. It makes it simpler to find what clients are looking for! 

LawTally is user-friendly with a clean interface that allows users to search by region or state/city, or all three at once!

7) LawInfo

The Lawinfo website is a legal resource for those looking for free information and articles about law topics. 

You can find resources on their site and videos that discuss different and complex legal questions or search the nationwide lawyer directory to find an attorney near you. 

The lead counsel verified symbol allows potential clients to spot attorneys with high customer service standards.

8) Justia

Many consider Justia a legal information portal. However, it is much more than that. The platform has free listing services for professionals offering legal services. 

Not just that, Justia enjoys the highest online traffic from searches, with over 10 million visits every month. Lawyers who claim their profile on Justia get to appear on the Legal Information Institute website.

Further, it increases your chances of meeting prospects and clients.


Flaunting high authority among the other lawyer directories, HG.ORG enjoys over 1,200,000 unique visitors every month. 

Users can search for lawyers on using filters such as area, practice type, and even the law firm. 

What’s fascinating is that the website has over 250 practice area categories for lawyers. In addition, the directory allows lawyers to create a specialized listing to become visible to their specific target audience. 


99Consumer is not a niche legal directory, but it allows law firms, attorneys, and legal services providers to get listed. The site is getting early recognition amongst the legal community for its ease of use and ability to communicate with potential leads. Getting a listing on a website is forever free. The domain name holds excellent branding value on the internet. 


Listing business on online legal directories is a great way to promote legal services and reach an even more significant number of potential clients. 

By signing up with top attorneys directories, creating an informative profile, and contributing articles on any topic related to law, you can quickly establish yourself as a specialist lawyer by building a robust online presence.


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