Top 3 Inbound Marketing Strategies to Win You More Business

Posted by Sagar Khandekar

July 05, 2019

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Back in the Jim Crow era, between 1877 to mid-1960s, Black Americans were afraid of traveling anywhere. They were not welcomed everywhere. Even if they were, no guarantees that they will be served well. In fact, people turned hostile when they saw Black Americans.

Looking at the suffering of Black Americans, Victor H Green, a black postal worker from Harlem, produced a book named “The Negro Travelers Green Book”. The book guides Black Americans on where to go and where not – for fuels, meals, and motel rooms.

The Green book turned out to be a so-called Bible for Black Travelers. Today, this book and its history reside in Airbnb’s magazine for travelers. Travelers and Black Americans still read about it and consider Airbnb as the brand of humans.

And that’s what we call Inbound Marketing Strategy.

What is Inbound Marketing Strategy?

Before that you must be aware of buyer’s journey.

Buyer’s journey is the research process that a buyer goes through before purchasing the product. It starts with a problem or a need of buyer which takes it to online search for a solution and finally buying the product.

Inbound marketing is about creating relevant, helpful, and remarkable content tailored to each stage of the buyer’s journey.

It means to help understand users, their problem, taking them towards the solution, and finally recommending products or services fitting to their needs – everything vial content. Content can come in many forms including blogs, ebooks, videos, infographics, etc.

How to Implement Inbound Marketing Strategy?

Definition of inbound marketing is so simple that anyone with a website and a few blogs claim to have it as a part of marketing campaigns. The problem is their content practices don’t reach the full potential of inbound marketing strategy. Only an expert inbound marketing specialist knows how to build a brand upon inbound marketing efforts, covering the full purchase cycle of buyers’ journey.

Here are 3 inbound marketing tactics right from the pocket of professional agencies.

1. Start with Empathy

Many businesses talk about themselves in content rather than addressing users’ pain points and their solution. It’s not wrong to talk about your brand but its right place is at the third stage of the buyers’ journey, not the beginning or the middle.

To occupy the first stage of the buyer’s journey, start with understanding users and their pain points. Reflect their problems or needs in your content. Come up with a solution. In the end, point out how your brand is a solution to buyer’s issues.

4 Ways to Connect with Users at Empathetic Level

  •  Ask questions on Social Media
  •  Add a quiz to your site
  •  Discuss in communities to  recognize problems and solutions
  •  Read customer reviews on competitors

Convert all your details in content and promote the same at places where the targeted audience hangs out the most.

2. Offer Free Ebooks and Courses

Curious learners always look for something that teaches everything about their problems from scratch. What’s better than an E-book or a course. Through this long-form content, you will attract a huge source of relevant traffic.

If you don’t believe me, check out Hubspot which is full resources like Ebooks, free course, reports, or everything needed to convert visitors in customers. If anyone wants to learn anything about marketing from A to Z, Hubspot is one of their few choices to check on first – that’s called brand recognition.

Free Content for Each Stage of Buyer’s Journey

3. Be Reachable with SEO

Alright, you built tons of content and waiting for the visitors to come.



What if they don’t come?

Marketers or owners often complain about having valuable content but no visitors at all. That’s because they underestimate the power of SEO. Maybe you have the best content but if search engines won’t find it relevant to users’ query, they are not going to rank it for the first page of Google.

This is where SEO comes to the rescue.

SEO makes sure that content is in harmony with search engines as well as users’ query. It makes your content reachable for the targeted audience.

Content + SEO is one of the unbeatable ranking factors. Keywords, the powerful weapon of SEO, still helps you win the game.

Concluding Thoughts

A smart way to grow the audience naturally is via creating content that puts users and their wants first before your own. This way your brand reveals tender care for users as humans. Users start seeing your brand as someone they can share their problems with. It builds trust and at the end, you get success in conversion. What else you need apart from ever growing business which again is possible from creating non-stop user-friendly content. At last, don’t forget to stay updated with the changing user behavior and trends.


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