Why Avoiding SEO is a Grave Mistake for E-commerce Websites?

Posted by Maulik Patel

July 01, 2019

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When you are an owner of an e-commerce website, there’s so much you need to keep an eye on. Email marketing campaigns, social media channels, effective PPC campaigns, and much more – all this overshadow the importance of executing an effective SEO strategy necessary for the growth of the E-commerce business.

In fact, e-commerce website owners consider SEO as low-hanging fruit.

But make no mistake here.

Your e-commerce website’s relationship with Google and your targeted audience majorly depend on how you follow an SEO strategy.

Results may not be visible to you, but they are crystal to Google and your potential customers.

Want to know how?

Importance of SEO for E-commerce Website

93% of online activity starts with search.”

First of all, search engines are answering machines. They exist to understand users, answer their questions, discover content for them and organize everything in order to display the most relevant results to users’ queries.

E-commerce owners believe that creating content would be enough to trick Google into first-page rankings. That’s why they believe more in writers than SEO professionals.

They are completely wrong.

“If Content is King, then SEO is a kingdom”

What if you write high-quality content but nobody reads it?

What if all your products or services are decorated with fancy words and eye-catchy images but nobody wants to see them?

It’s the job of SEO to make your content reachable to the right audience.

You just can’t write anything and hope for search engines to crawl your content. Only an expert e-commerce SEO agency knows how to discover what users are searching for and which type of content goes with their queries.

In short, to be visible on search engines, your e-commerce website must have relevant content – a central piece of the SEO puzzle.

Still, it doesn’t end here.

SEO is too big to fit into the two-line explanation.

Why E-commerce Websites Need SEO in 2019 more than Ever?

If I type “best headphones of 2019” in Google, here are the results I get

As you notice, this is not an e-commerce website selling the best headphones of the year. It’s a well-written article on the best headphones with detailed features – it must be worth holding first place on Google.

If I scroll down, I get similar articles brimming with features of various headphones.

Users will read them with interest and directly jump to the site selling the same headphone they found interesting through blogs.

Where is the actual site selling the headphone?

Well, it’s either lurking aside under the Google ad section or sitting halfway down to the first page.

And how many, do you think, scroll down to the end of Google’s first page?

Now tell me, how many chances your e-commerce business is left with, considering the fact that users stick to the first 3 results of Google’s first page.

Having an E-commerce website without SEO is like living far outside of the online realm.

No Relevancy, No Connection.

How SEO puts your E-commerce Website in the Right Place?

“As per the reports of Monetate E-commerce quarterly, the recent conversion rate of E-commerce websites in Q3 2018 is only 2.42%.”

An E-commerce website devoid of SEO receives 100 customers on average among which only 2-3 move towards conversion. Whereas an SEO-enriched E-commerce website attracts 1000 visitors from which it has chances of converting 25-30 visitors into customers.

What’s your bet?

Relevant links and content are the boons of SEO. One is nothing without the other. Only the best E-commerce SEO firm with years of experience knows how to crack the first page of Google with high-quality, relevant, content and links. They have established the process of creating optimized content that resonates with human searches and feeds data to search engines. A win-win situation at both ends.

All you have to do is hire the best E-commerce SEO agency that can take the loads off your website and make it fly towards Google’s first page.

Checklist to Hire E-commerce SEO Services

  •  A genuine firm won’t jump to quick SEO results on the first day of getting the contract
  •  It prefers to spend some time with your business to learn more about your products and targeted audience
  •  It won’t make fake promises of bringing your site up on Google’s first page within the first few days of hiring. The process takes time.
  •  Their communication must align well with your goals
  •  They will talk about fixing your e-commerce website first and then work on the content and other SEO campaigns
  •  Make sure their charges don’t surpass your budget limits
  •  A smart SEO company keeps itself updated with the latest trends and throws out outdated strategies based on Google’s algorithm updates.

Note: You can’t thrive in the competitive E-commerce landscape if you go for SEO only. E-commerce SEO service companies always provide SEM (paid marketing) services, combined with SEO, to drive quick and organic results. Make sure your selected firm offers both.

To put all in Simple terms

SEO is the foundation of your E-commerce website. If you invest in the best practices of an E-commerce SEO agency, you’ll notice that it’s easier for your targeted audience to find your site via search queries. Remember one thing, yours’ is not the only website in E-commerce town. To attract and convert customers, you must outshine others for which SEO is the key.


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