Top 3 Alternatives to Facebook

Posted by Pinal Sathvara

August 23, 2013

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With over a billion users under its belt, Facebook might be the undisputed king of the hill at the moment but it has been facing stiff competition from several other burgeoning social media websites which have equally cool goodies to offer if not more. Plagued by hefty criticism thanks in part to their controversial privacy policies and minor nuisances concerning their mobile platform; the users of the popular website are now on the lookout for something trendy and innovative at the same time.

Facebook Alternatives

Whether you’re just plain bored of its simplistic design, tired of being pressured into hitting that Like button, or having issues with the website’s handling of your private information; your desire for a change in scenery is completely justified. Of course, there’s the added trouble of malware, tricky things like the Facebook spy software, and a whole lot more that’s irking people about the platform.

Let’s take a peek at some Facebook alternatives that can help you connect with family and friends, and offer something new in the process:

Google Plus

Contrary to popular belief Google Plus is not a ghost town. While its user base may not rival that of Facebook, it certainly is one of the most rapidly expanding social networks out there. Built to counter the onslaught of the popular social media giant, this networking website boasts a pretty decent privacy policy apart from the usual functionality that allows one to post comments and upload pictures and videos.

A feature unique to Google Plus is dubbed Circles. This is where one gets to place specific members of their family and friends in a group to share an update or picture which would only interest them.

Hangouts are another exclusive Google Plus feature that has become widely popular among social media junkies. The idea is to start a video conversation with like-minded individuals and let other people join in the discussion. Google Plus, at the moment, allows up to 10 people to take part in a hangout.


If socializing in the fast lane is what you prefer then Twitter is the answer. Developed by Jack Dorsey and Headquartered in San Francisco California, the microblogging service draws inspiration from instant messaging on cellular phones to give its users a 140 character limit to send out a message or tweet as it is more commonly known.

With over half a billion users under its belt, Twitter has quickly become one of the fastest-growing social networks in the world. Time-constrained individuals or people looking to share a quick thought or photo need not use Facebook. Twitter has all the tools they need to connect with their loved ones complete with an RSS feed.


Tumblr might not have the clientele on par with Facebook or Twitter but it has its own fair share of dedicated followers who prefer the part blog part social network website to connect and share with their families and friends.

The dashboard allows users to start a blog, upload pictures, and videos, and follow other’s blogs and post comments on their walls. With an easy-to-use interface, Tumblr has quickly become a favorite among social media addicts. That also puts you at an added disadvantage against social media spy-like apps and software.

The internet has revolutionized the way people interact and connect, and social media, for now, is what makes that possible. Take your pick on any social networking website and chances are they will have something unique to offer. However, Facebook is good, if you are running an ad as a business. Driving traffic from Facebook to your website is easy compared to other alternatives. Otherwise, you can easily opt-out of Facebook and switch over to another alternative if you are just willing to socialize yourself.


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