Tips to Drive Traffic from Facebook to Your Website

Posted by Sanket Patel

May 21, 2010

SMM 8 min read

Nowadays net surfers use social media such as Facebook to promote their products and services in order to acquire new clients, and also to get traffic to their websites or blogs. Seeing the success of social media, others might be thinking or planning for the tips to be followed to make their website most favourable among net surfers. Here are some of the vital social media optimization tips that one should follow to make their website more trafficable. These tips are: Try to include information regarding your website on your wall or in the photo gallery, always try to build a good network, you have to post regularly, try to arrange your page, you can also use Facebook social ads, and also start a group.

As we know that Facebook is one of the few social networking sites which enable the surfers to write a lot about themselves and their endeavours. In addition, you should add your pictures and try to have the maximum use of all these opportunities, and also creating interest in you and your products. For a surfer, it’s highly important to know that their network is counted as the major capital in social networking websites. Therefore, always try to invite your friends and partners, and tell them to join as your supporter. In this process take care you should never spam, and this is not the way to encourage people to join your network. And also remember that posting continuously has become the best recipe for success on Facebook. So it’s important to understand that if you don’t publish new content regularly, the traffic to your Facebook profile and correspondingly the traffic to your website will automatically get slower.

Although it’s not possible to follow the complete list of all these tactics, following just a few basic tactics will definitely help in increasing the chances of a considerable increase in the ratio of your target visitors from Facebook to your website or blog. Last but not least optimize your social networking profile with a specialized Social Media Guide; as a result reach up to more potential visitors on your site.


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