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Posted by Sanket Patel

May 26, 2010

SEO 5 min read

The SEO Firm sees a lot of activity and this week has been no different. The latest news to hit the headlines is the clinching of a deal by High Position SEO with, a leading UK online football merchandise store. Online stores of similar nature are slowly realizing the advantages of search engine optimization and are acquiring the services of the industry. This can be seen only as a boost to the industry with SEO consultants providing better services standing to gain a lot more from the growth in clientele who require specialized search engine optimization services.

From the Northern Hemisphere, a Russian search engine by the name of Yandex which is a major player in the Russian internet industry has launched a global portal. The Beta version which was launched recently has been under wraps for nearly two years as the firm started indexing all foreign websites and other content. The search engine is said to feature new algorithms for search that helps index foreign websites better and more effectively. With more than four billion pages already indexed, the search engine has impressed quite a few for its powerful yet simple interface. So here is a new search engine to take into consideration for the industry when optimizing!


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