Schema With Real Time Examples

Posted by Vikram Rathod

August 01, 2013

SEO 10 min read

Hello folks! Recently, Monish has released a new and very interesting video that is based on Schema and how it helps us in our SEO activities.

Schema markup is a much discussed topic lately in the SEO fraternity. If used properly it can successfully improve your SERP visibility and existence also. It seems that many web designers and SEO’s are very slowly looking at schema markup and I do believe that it’s a chance to obvious few staple items.

So what is Schema Markup all about?

Schema markup is a set of HTML labels know as “schemas” that you can add to your websites to provide search engines a better concept of what the site or web page is introducing. There are schemas for a variety of different things such as guides, films, pictures, music, video clips, events, & much more.

Below is an example of the schema code :

Original HTML Tag:

<div>My Company</br>
10 West Superior Av. Suit 301</br>
Duluth MInnesota 55803</div>

With Schema markup added:

<div itemscope=”” itemtype=”””><span itemprop=””name””>Company Name</span>
<span itemprop=””streetAddress””>10 West Superior Av. Suit 301</span>
<span itemprop=””addressLocality””>Duluth</span>
<span itemprop=””addressRegion””>MN</span>
<span itemprop=””postalCode””>55803</span></div>

As you can see in the video above that simply adding the schema markup allows you to show your business or company address in the SERP.

Test your markup:

Use the Google Rich Snippets Testing Tool to ensure that Google can read and extract your marked up data.
Once you’ve included and examined your rich snippets markup, search engines will find out it when they next receive a query from a user.

Reasons to Use Schema Markup on Your Website:

There are some major reasons why SEO’s use Schema Markup helps search engines to understand your web site content. The more search engines are able to understand your site, better are the chances for them to be properly shown in search results.

Applying Schema on your web page is a fantastic way to get ahead of your competitors in the CTR race, especially if they have not already began using Schema. You have the prospective to appear in search results more often and are able to offer a better user experience.

Although applying to your concept or codes does not directly enhance your ranking, sites using schema markup may accomplish higher visibility, as described by Google,
“Google does not use markup for ranking factors at this time—but rich snippets can make your site or web pages appear more clearly in search result, so you may see an increase in visitors.”


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