Microsoft Bing Taking Over iPhone Search

Posted by Sanket Patel

June 07, 2010

SEO 5 min read

The big news now is that Microsoft’s Bing may have secured a deal to be the default search engine in Apple’s iPhone. This heralds a big change if true for the SEO community. For a long, Google has prided on itself being the default search engine for the iPhones and hence it has been taking up a large slice of the search engine market. This deal overall is big for both firms and whoever clinches it will be garnering a lot of searches. Google rumours said they have paid millions to be the default search engine on the iPhone.

Google and its Android Operating system are being seen as competition by Apple and to thwart their competition, Apple may be seriously considering the Microsoft contender. This means a lot for the SEO firm as SEO for each site works differently. Industry developers may be forced to focus more on Bing if Bing secures the Apple contract as it will definitely garner a lot of the search engine traffic pie. These rumours though have not been officially confirmed of course and it may be some time before this does happen. Until then industry experts and watchers will be alert looking for signs that change may be in the air.


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