Make Your First Time Blog Visitors Forever Yours!

Posted by Anal Bhatt

October 22, 2013

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We all know that the first impression is the last impression. This applies not only in everyday life but also in all aspects of your profession. So, how could digital marketing stay behind? If your blogging style is not able to bring in readers, it’s bad news for your overall online marketing project. A blogger’s delight is to convert each and every visitor into a reader. But, one question that really needs some thinking is that how to impress every visitor coming to your blog and give them a reason to come back for more.

This post will actually share some very helpful tips to help in learning the art of impressing your first time blog visitors and make them yours for eternity.

Blog Visitors

Create a landing page that is one of its kind and propelling

It is really a very good feeling when some guests come to your home to pay a visit. The same stands true for guest blogging. When they come you need to give a heartfelt welcome to them. Make sure that you let the readers know how valuable are they to you. Go ahead and create a custom landing page, where the visitors are expected to land directly from the guest post page. Put the link to the landing page on the author bio instead of the homepage. Make sure that this page has enough meat, is unique and compelling to keep the visitors engaged on the page.

Offer something valuable and free

One of the biggest mistakes made by most bloggers is that they directly start promoting their products and services to first time visitors. Though this is not a bad idea, doing it after winning your readers’ trust is recommended.

The ideal tactic is to offer something valuable, and for free. This might raise the question in your mind that if you don’t promote your products or services on the first visit, how will that help your business. When you offer something for free, it projects your exposure, expertise, and your experience. It will show your substance and authority in a certain business niche. This practice will propel them to subscribe to your list and builds a relationship.

What is it that you could offer for free?

The product that you are offering just to showcase your talent and what you are made of, so whatever you offer should actually be a very valuable resource. People get very impressed by ebooks, how-to guides, whitepapers, and other resources which are meant to teach them something. Offer a product that satisfies the needs of your readers.
Keep it very simple and stable

There is a line between professional bloggers and those who are struggling to make a blog. The professional ones keep their blog very simple and the flow of their content is very stable and something that could be easily understood by the readers.

A visitor is looking for comprehensive information that is simple yet productive. There is a lot of competition out there, and giving something unclear will not help your purpose. Few bloggers who understand this fact, are good at writing engaging posts for their first time visitors. This is a winner shot.

How Clean is your Blog Design?

Your blog design is another factor that determines if you impress or convert first timers on your blog into readers. Personally, I like blogs with clean designs, it makes me want to visit again and again.  The days of clustering a blog with ads, plugins, and widgets are gone. Today it’s the cleaner, the better.

I have seen blogs with great content but very poor or reader unfriendly designs. Such blogs flounder, no matter how well they write. Remember the context of this post is “first time visitors”, which means they have not visited before and so ruining it the first time means ruining your career as a blogger.

Ideally, you want to use a theme that clearly differentiates the content from ads and easy to read the text in contrasting colors. Don’t forget about font size, font color, and hyperlinks… all these parameters require your careful attention.

Optimize your blog in a way that everybody feels comfortable

Apart from having a clean design, one more step is to optimize your blogs to make them easy for everybody to access. It is the age of mobile devices, and people are looking for quick solutions to their queries on their mobile devices as well. Make sure that the page of your blog is designed to be compatible with all devices in addition to PCs and laptops.

Treat with an Epic Content!

Blog Visitors

Epic content is a treat for your readers. It is something written for the love of the readers and holding them back forever. It has no strings attached. In fact, you are bound to give the best of your content to the readers without any catch for them.

The first time visitors will always be impressed by this. They may have some basic information about a particular topic. Provide some information in a way that they will never get outdated, showing how much you care and how much each visit will be valuable for them.

Let us know the ways that you use to impress first time blog visitors. What other measures do you feel that you could implement for a successful blog that impresses visitors to your blog.


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