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Posted by Vikram Rathod

February 02, 2016

Content Marketing 15 min read

Everyday a lot of blogs, articles and infographics are posted on the web, but out of them only a few are shared or liked by the users. It’s not that other posts are not good and made with less effort, but then also the content has less views and not shared by anyone. So a question would arise in the mind of every content writer that what makes a content shareable? Here are some of the important factors that may prove effective and beneficial in making your content irresistibly shareable.

1. Make a Personal Connection

The main and the biggest reason that a person shares content is that they personally feel connected with the content. So. for that the content should have a meaningful title, the description should be such that it generates certain interest, easy to understand, and the main and the most important thing they should get a clear idea about what the content is about. If all these factors are used in the content then this makes the content personally connect with the reader and when a reader connects personally with the content they will definitely share that content.

2. Trigger their Emotions

The other factor to make content shareable is that the content should have an emotional quotient for example, when you see ads of various brands they consist of some of the other emotional factors in them that really takes the viewer down under the memory lane and triggers their emotions and after that people cannot stop themself from buying that product. The same thing can be done in the content by adding various emotional quotients that can trigger the emotions of a user and compel them to share the content.

3. Relevancy Of Content

Relevancy in content matters a lot because if your content is not according to the targeted audience how well you may have written the content or the topic may be outstanding, but if your content is not acceptable to the audience or less relevant then your content won’t engage your users and it’s likely that it won’t be shared also. So if you want your content to be shareable then cater to all that a particular audience wants to read and if a reader gets what they want in your content then definitely they will share it.

4. Shock The Readers

We all know that shocks leave a deep impact on people’s minds and they never forget it for a long time. So try this shock therapy in your contents also and provide such information or write on such topics that provide information that would freak the audience after reading them, and it’s likely that this shocking experience which they experienced while reading the content they would also like other to have the same and they will definitely share the content with others. So have a titch of some shocking information in your content and this shock will definitely make people share your content.

5. Make It Visually Appealing

Visually appealing that just doesn’t mean that your content should have nice looking pics or amazing graphics. But the format or the segmentation of the content should be such that could visually look appealing when the reader has a first glance at the content. Good-looking content is always shared by the users read more about the content guide.

6. Make It As Simple As Possible

Some of the common mistakes made by content generators are that they are making their topic way more complicated. So try to make your content as simple as possible and if possible write it in a conversational voice. Just simplify your topic so that it becomes easy for the readers to read. If a reader can get well through your content, then it’s likely that the reader will definitely share the content.

7. Figure Out Your Audience

A content can prove to be a good medium to motivate the audience. So firstly analyze what type of content is highly shared by the audience and try to cater to all the points in your content that appeal to your target audience and motivate them to share it. So try to give content that motivates the audience and appeals to them to share it.

To cater all the above points into your content and it definitely makes your content shareable and engaging.


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