How to overcome clients' hesitations for content marketing?
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Posted by Vikram Rathore

March 01, 2018

Content Marketing 27 min read

Content marketers, who work for clients’ projects always get questions- why go for content marketing strategy? To add to the misery, they sometimes directly reject your proposal for content marketing. It is worrisome as content marketing is very crucial to launching a digital marketing campaign. Researches conducted by digital marketers from time to time repetitively suggest that a highly influencing content marketing strategy for any business is a must. Sometimes, digital marketers fail to convince their clients about the advantages they will get by implementing a content marketing strategy. it is not an overstatement to say that a digital marketing campaign without a content marketing strategy will fail miserably.

Content marketing not just bring traffic to your website and increase your conversion rates and revenues, it serves a big purpose. It creates overall brand recognition for your business by inducing the trust factor in your targeted audience. With an effective content marketing strategy, you will be able to build a long-term relationship with your customers.

Of course, clients have their own reasons. They are hesitant to spend on content marketing due to various reasons. Some of the most known reasons are described below:

1.They Find It Useless:

Your clients are novices in digital marketing and there is a possibility that they might not understand the importance of content marketing for their businesses. In that case, you can show some data with numbers. There are many online research data available with numbers and it might help you to convince them to opt for content marketing.

2.They Don’t Find It Suitable For Their Business

Yes, it is one of the best possible excuses they give. Their usual answer is: my business niche is different and it does not require content marketing. Somehow, you will find it difficult to convince your clients to pursue content marketing. Again, you can show some success stories of businesses similar to theirs and it might work in your favor.

Always give your best shot while communicating with the client. Some marketers ask clients to choose content marketing for one month and see results. You can use this idea too.

3.They Don’t Want To Spend Extra Money

Clients with new businesses always find it hard to spend some extra money. They have budget constraints as the revenue flow is low or has not started yet. You can show the potential return on investment to convince them.

4.They Did Not Get Results In The Past

A poorly planned and designed content marketing strategy might not work. If clients have opted for content marketing and did not get desired outcomes, they don’t find content marketing worthy enough to spend money. Remember, a carefully planned and implemented content strategy always works. In that case, explain your plan in a way that it shows potential benefits to the clients.

5.They Don’t Like Your Approach Of Doing It All Alone Without Keeping Them In The Loop

When you don’t keep a client in a loop, you will find them annoyed. There are content marketers who don’t like to keep clients in a loop due to many possible reasons. You should not do it. It is your client’s business and they know about the business better than you. Assure them that you will keep them in the loop and their suggestions will be considered. It will give him a reason to spend on the content marketing strategy.

Let’s understand some of the most premium advantages of an effective content marketing strategy:

Brings Quality Leads:

Original and engaging content always brings quality links when it is posted on prestigious websites and blogs. Whether the content is in the form of texts, audio, video, infographic, or email, if it is carefully crafted keeping in the mind the audience’s perspective, it will bring quality leads to your website.

Brand Awareness:

If people don’t recognize the brand, you are heavily doomed. The whole purpose of the digital marketing campaign is to increase brand recognition and if you fail to do so, you are not going anywhere. A uniquely crafted content will not just boost the web traffic or revenue, it will create superior brand awareness for the business and it will there to stay for a longer period of time.

Google Recognition:

Google loves content that is original, unique, engaging, and informative. By posting content on different websites and social media networks, you will be loved by Google. In addition to that, regular content optimization on the website will help crawlers to rank your website easily and without any effort.

Higher Return On Investment

No matter how much money a client spends on the content marketing campaign, it will give him a higher return on investment unquestionably. With a carefully crafted content marketing strategy, businesses have earned fortunes in just no time. The bottom line is: your client is not spending money on content marketing, he is actually investing.

Builds Trust Among Your Customers

Trust and brand loyalty of the customers are very important for any business. Once a customer has moved to the competitor, retention takes time and effort. With effective content marketing, you will be able to develop and sustain the trust and loyalty of valuable customers. By posting relevant content on the website or other sites will help a lot. It will be a message to them that you post relevant advice and information that actually work for their favors. You have become an expert and people simply trust experts in any niche.

Boosts Website Traffic And In Turn, Revenues:

This is a commonly known advantage of content marketing. With quality leads and appropriate content sharing, the website traffic and in turn, conversion rates will boost automatically. At the end of the day, a client’s purpose of earning more revenues will be fulfilled.

Now that you have known the content marketing advantages, it is high time that you convince your clients to opt for content marketing. How to go about it? Here is a list of tips:

#Tip1 – Present a Defined Content Marketing Strategy:

Whether you are conducting an online or offline meeting, ensure that you have a carefully crafted content marketing strategy with its potential advantages. Furthermore, it is also important that you explain it to your clients in a manner that he finds it genuine and meaningful. Design a strategy for evaluating your client’s business, target audience, revenue targets, expectations, sales history, and almost everything.

#Tip2 –Explain Client’s Business And How This Content Marketing Will Work For His Business

Clients love it when people talk good about their businesses. You can win some brownie points by explaining to your client how the content marketing strategy will work in his favor. Make a detailed report including all positive outcomes that you might bring to the table.

#Tip3 –Pay Attention To His Concerns

Most content marketers make a silly mistake by not understanding a simple human tendency. People love to have listened. Your clients might have some genuine queries or issues about the content marketing strategy you have proposed. In circumstances when you are just speaking and not listening, it might make him annoyed and disinterested. Always include him in the conversation and you have more chances to convince him.

#Tip4 –Show ROI Potential When Combined With SEO

Clients are always interested in what they will get in return and you just need to show it and you are done. Explain with numbers how they can save some money by choosing digital marketing rather than traditional marketing options. It will surely work in your favor.

SEO and content marketing are not two separate things. In fact, they work together. Show your client the ROI potential of the strategy and how it will work finely with your SEO campaign.


Any business’s ultimate goal is revenue-boosting and positive brand recognition. With an effective content marketing strategy, both these goals can be achieved and that too in a superior way. Explain to your client’s possible reasons why content marketing is necessary for the business in the right manner and you are won.


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