8 Content Marketing Tips To Watch For In 2018

Posted by Sanket Patel

January 23, 2018

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A new year has just started with a bang and if you are done with celebrations and family gatherings, let’s get back to the business. Unquestionably, 2018 will be the most promising year for digital marketing enthusiasts with new trends, tricks, and challenges. However, one thing is certain- content marketing is there to stay, and that too with much influence. Ignoring it can undoubtedly jeopardize your business.

It is the best time to evaluate the content marketing strategy you practiced in 2017. Create a detailed report about what works and what did not and it will surely lead you to create a better and more effective content marketing strategy for 2018. Nevertheless, there are many things that you need to know about when it comes to content marketing. One of the finest things about content marketing is that new challenges and trends come constantly demanding a newer outlook and approach.

What are the challenges and trends that you might likely to face in 2018? here is a list:

Personalizing your content will be the key:

Gone are the days when you can just post a simple text blog on a website or social media and it would create a sensation on the digital platforms. In 2017, we have seen that businesses are using video graphics and infographics along with text and images to generate more traffic. However, creating raw content on different other channels like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram can generate more traffic than other traditional ways. According to a report, 61% of marketers are planning to use other video options like Facebook Live and Periscope.

The reason is simple: consumers love personal experiences especially ones that are real ones. By talking about products and services through video will automatically generate their interest. For example, if you are promoting a film or music video, you can share Behind Scenes footage to engage your customers. It will definitely work.

Creating new content sharing platforms is imperative:

It does not mean that your traditional content sharing platforms are out of date. It is not a case altogether. However, finding new content-sharing platforms is always recommended, simply to reach out to more consumers.

According to a research carried out by BI Intelligence, Facebook Messenger, and Whatsapp, more than 2.4 billion people are active on social media chat platforms like Messenger, Viber, Whatsapp, and WeChat.

If you reach out to these users by incorporating it into your strategy, you will surely be able to increase your engagement with consumers in a better and meaningful manner.

Need to create super-niche content:

Creating tons of articles and blogs and video graphics is not enough to thrive in 2018. Let’s understand the issue first. Marketers are creating a pool of content for their businesses, but the audience is the same.

Super Niche Content

Here, you need to come up with something niche. Identify the unexplored angles in your business and produce content for it. For example, if you are writing for computers in general, try writing about motherboards or keyboards or mouses or monitors and it will work.

Once you have identified your sub-niche, all you need to do is to accommodate it in your strategy and that is all.

Word strength of your content:

how many words per blog is a dilemma that has different answers. According to research, the number of words per blog is increasing steadily over years and it is a proven fact that longer content offers excellent SERPs.

If your only aim is to rank at the top of SERPs, longer contents are good and fine. However, in the era where social media platforms are bringing more traffic than search engines, long posts may dishearten your potential buyers. Writing short and crisp content with attractive visual content is highly preferred by youngsters on social media.

Focus on influencer marketing:

Years will pass and still influencer marketing will keep making noises as it always works. A report says that 91% of consumers still look for recommendations from influencing personalities rather than advertisings by brands. Steadily, influencer marketing is growing and you cannot exclude it in your content marketing strategy.

influencer marketing

Reach out to influencers who can help you out in recommending your products from their products and as we said, it always works.

Fewer posts, highly relevant content:

Yes, you don’t need to post daily or 5 days a week or 15 times a month. According to successful bloggers, it is not the frequency, but the content that matters. Ask yourself while posting content- how relevant it is and whether the content covers an in-depth analysis of the subject or not. It will surely work if you post fewer, but relevant posts that help users to find their answers.

Choose innovative video options

Videos catch the attention of users than texts and it is a proven fact. However, it is not just about Facebook live or YouTube videos, there are many other ways you can use to interact with consumers in a meaningful manner. You can host Question & Answer video sessions with consumers or you can go for live interviews with experts or with consumers.

If you are launching a new product, live product unboxing can earn you perks you never imagined. It is a sure-shot success strategy as consumers would love to see what you are offering. Use such innovative videos to reach out to the users and it will surely work.

Furthermore, you can also cover business events and conferences live too. Consumers love information especially about what is happening with their favorite businesses.

Content localization:

Traditionally, the content was actually produced at the global headquarters and delivered to the local offices. However, it is not the case anymore.

Content localization

It is obvious that content that is relevant in south Asia will no longer relevant in the USA or European Union. Marketers have started a practice of producing content at local offices to make it more relevant to the local market. A team of local professionals who understand the know-how of the local population finds it easy to create content that is more pertinent and interesting.

You need to focus more on creating local content for particular demographics and it will surely enhance your brand visibility and recognition.


Content marketing is one of the most crucial aspects of your digital marketing campaign and you need to ensure that you leave no stone unturned to create a strategy that works in your favor. Come up with innovative ideas and strategies that enhance your business visibility and positive perception of your brand.


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