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Vishal Parmar

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August 26, 2019

Expert Interview 20 min read

An Expert Interview With Nathan Gotch (Founder of Gotch SEO): Ideas To Spark Your SEO

Our team at Blurbpoint had the honour to indulge in a one-to-one interaction session with Nathan Gotch, the founder of GotchSEO Blog and Academy. We curated some questions that will help you get a better insight in the trends if Digital marketing and SEO. In this era, when everyone is glued on to know about the latest SEO tricks and digital marketing scenario, we thought what else could be better than chatting with Nathan himself as he highlights some of his tactics used to competitive keywords without using a plethora of links. This conversation will broaden your understanding regarding SEO and help you to understand which strategies work the best. Go through our conversation that is bound to help you build your digital marketing strategies in a better way.

Vishal: What Top Game-Changing SEO Trends to Follow in 2019


The biggest trend is that we’re all getting less clicks in organic search. Google is pushing more-and-more SERP features which is making it more challenging. That said, you need to focus on trying to land into featured snippets.

Vishal: How Do We Engage Our Targeted Audience


Create incredible content, tell stories, and be genuine. 

Vishal: Top 3 SEO Strategies to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search


Google pulls most voice search answers from pages that are performing well in organic search. So, focus on improving your organic search performance and the voice search component will work itself out.

Vishal: Social Media Hacks That’ll Boost Your Traffic


Use the 80/20 rule. 80% of your content should be native to the platform and the other 20% can link to your website. Social media platforms want users to stay on their site. So you need to recognize that and adapt accordingly.

Vishal: 3 Advance Link Building Strategy We Need to Follow in 2019


Creating link-worthy content is always going to be the best strategy. It makes link building 100x easier when you have something worth promoting.

Vishal: Most Important Local Search Ranking Factors for 2019?


Reviews are huge. If you examine local SERPs, you’ll see that the top-performing businesses have lots of quality reviews. Another big factor is your overall site authority. You need to be actively trying to grow your website authority. And what’s the best way? You guessed it, quality content.

Vishal: Your Favorite and Most Effective SEO Hack to Increase Website Traffic


Find keywords that you can actually rank for, create incredible SEO content, and drive links to it. Then, make sure your website experience is great. That’s it! No hacks.

Vishal: How to Optimize Ecommerce Category Page for SEO?


You need a conversion first mindset, but you should always take the opportunity to educate when possible. I recommend adding lots of unique transactional content like testimonials, FAQs, etc.

Vishal: How You See the June 2019 Core Update?


It seems to heavily link focused. Websites with lots of authority pushed weaker sites down. That’s been the trend for years and it’s going to continue on that path.

Vishal: How Does Video Marketing is Useful for Maximize Your Reach and Sales


Video is huge! There’s no better way to accelerate a relationship with your audience than video. It humanizes your whole company and makes your audience feel “like they know you”.

Vishal: Does CMS Platforms Affect On SEO Campaigns?


For sure. I conducted a study to see what CMS’s perform best for SEO and WordPress was by far the best.

Vishal: Best New Extensions & Features For PPC


We are seeing incredible results when using Facebook Click-to-Messenger Ads! If you’re spending any money on Facebook Ads, I highly recommend you try them out.

Vishal: 3 Deadly SEO Mistakes that Affect on Website Ranking


1. Targeting the wrong keywords

2. Not satisfying search intent

3. Not acquiring backlinks

Vishal: 2 Ultimate Ways to Generate Organic Leads


Rank better in Google’s organic search and consider using YouTube.

Vishal:  Reasons Why PPC and SEO are better together?


PPC is great for getting new leads and customers fast. This is important because SEO takes time to kick in. You can use PPC initial while the SEO campaign is building momentum. The ultimate goal is to scale your PPC budget back once your organic search traffic has grown.

Vishal:  3 Best CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) Strategies to Implement in 2019


Pre-Sell: most people focus on their sales pages, but the real magic is in the pre-sell process. The more you nurture and build trust with your leads, the easier the sale will be. If you’re struggling to drive sales, it’s probably because you haven’t built enough trust BEFORE asking for the sale.

Use Deadlines: it’s human nature to procrastinate and avoid parting with their money. Deadlines change human behavior and force people to make a decision. It works.

Use Video: Like I mentioned before, every sales page should have video because it’s the best way to build a human-to-human connection.

Vishal: Best Way to Generate Leads With Facebook Ads


Retargeting ads are amazing when executed correctly. Just keep in mind that most users scroll through Facebook without sound. That means that images tend to perform best. But if you decide to use video, make sure you have captions.

Vishal: Ultimate Way to Optimize Your PPC ROI


Google Ads are pretty expensive across the board, but this can be remedied by having strong upsells and backend offers.

Vishal: Your Top 3 Rules For Success


1. Self-Education – Never stop learning.

2. Consistency – Do the work, day-in and day-out. There’s no other way.

3. “Your Comfort Zone is a Danger Zone” – Every breakthrough I’ve had is when I do something that makes me uncomfortable.


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