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Posted by Sanket Patel

February 08, 2012

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Link building needs that you seem at a number of factors before requesting a link. While the Panda updating is especially very significant to locate best quality links and to wait away from websites that really your site may harm and also its reputation. Here I define few criteria must be considered when weighing a demand to a different website. While it is uncommon to locate website that gather every one the criteria, you want to determine the relative value of each criterion of a good fit for your anchor text.

Page Rank (PR) on the Domain and the Placement Page

SEO will dispute the relative importance of Google Page Rank these days, but when I seem for an excellent website for a probable link request, I consider as PR. It’s very quick and simple indicator.

PR is very important, particularly if you observe it flows through the site. Look at the home page and content pages to decide if the approved value to the internal website link pages.

Also, think the PR of the page placement. Frequently the page PR is very low or non-existent. Get a “snapshot” of the PR at placement time can create it appear as if a link low value or no value, but it is probable the page PR will earn in the next update from Google.

While I try to place links on sites with at least a PR2 on the homepage, I often locate website’s that are fresh and have no PR but they have better content, better layout and as well as good traffic. This will finally earn PR and the link will be on the website as the ranking goes up.

Page Authority (PA)s

Authority page is a metrics provided by SEOMoz tools. Suppose website’s with at least a 20 on PA. The warning is related to the example above where you might locate a better website that is just not around a long time. You could go under 20 but it will be for best reason: relevance, placement on the webpage and other criteria talk about in this post.

Domain Authority (DA)

Authority Domain is also a metric provided by SEOMoz tools. Once more time, seem for websites that have at least a 20 on DA. The equal criteria concern as in the example of webpage authority above.


Decide whether the website is related to the content, images, or highlight for your website and/or the keyword phrase. The lots of relevant, these website have more value. You can also search websites that have content that is not particularly focused on your keyword, but might be of lots of common related topic. For example, if placing links for ‘ high blood pressure ‘ can you locate a health website or a site with fitness related topics that would be proper.

Do Follow Links

Mostly you will find lots of website and they have ‘no follow’ links, but sometime links you will acquire will be ‘do follow’ links. Link building must be ordinary and ‘ no follow ‘ links are part of that natural link profile. In fact, lots of valued SEOs feel a lot ‘ no follow ‘ links will not only be followed by the search engines, but also helpful with link juice. I would agree with this type of SEOs.


Sometimes you will see, each website are not looking good however, they gets good PR.I don’t like low traffic sites. I always like high traffic sites because not only do they suggest also an opportunity that there is link value visitors will click the link and make traffic to your website.

Anchor Text

The anchor text links are mostly in targeted site. Vary your text, as this is a part of ordinary link building. This idea is not really good to only use single keyword or keyword phrase when link building.

Page Placement

Since the Google Panda update, you should focus mostly on in-content links as these types of links are of the most value.
Links for sidebars can be important but only if the other links in that area of the website are appropriate to the category and also content.
For example, an anchor text link on a style blog should be very well if all the other links were style or brand links related to style. A website that has Gaming and other category links all in a column should be avoided.
Building links can be really very subjective, but I think those are seven criteria you must think before demanding or placing a link. SEO is just like a Science and Art; you need to go in an ethical way.


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