Working From Home? Follow These Tips to Work Like a Pro

Posted by Maulik Patel

April 16, 2020

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If you have just started working from home or got a remote position and are looking forward to not spending time commuting exhaustively to-and-fro to the office and home and staying in pyjamas until noon. The bright side of working from home is that you save ample time in commuting and usually spend more time with family or getting things done around the house. The challenges one faces while working from home is loneliness, staying connected and heightened penchant for the chaos of distraction and can affect the significance of productivity and effectiveness. This blog will help you!

What usually works best for remote workers usually varies from person to person, some steps work best for one and usually, it gets to vain for someone else. The most important thing to remember is to find what usually helps you to stay focused and keep your work and home life separate.

It is Important to Have a Separate Workspace 

A separate workstation is a good place to concentrate, one doesn’t need to have a dedicated office with a door that closes. It usually should be an area that prepares you mentally for the process of work, be it a separate room, with a small desk in the corner of the living room or laptop at the end of the kitchen table, it should also be the place where you stay active. It shouldn’t be the areas like your sofa or bed and a place where other family members relax.

Getting the right kind of license and downloading the right software to download

Step 1: It is important to invest in some software like Zoom (conferencing app), Skype, Google Meet. The conferencing app Zoom is available for free and it is easy to sign up, there is also a pro version but if you’re looking for a quick solution for the video the free version provides all the activities and features that one needs. Either way, it usually takes about 30 seconds to sign up for a Zoom account.

Zoom basic: The free version, it is great for 1:1unlimited video calling and group calls with a 40-min time limit (if you’re hosting the meeting host). One can also get unlimited direct and team messaging capabilities with Zoom chat.

Zoom pro: Along with the basic features and fees with $14.99/month, one gets enhanced admin controls on the meetings, and cloud recording.

Step 2: One can also download the zoom meeting with desktop and mobile. From there, one can just sign in and you’re ready to go. Working remotely can also make you feel isolated and as a part of the routine and in trying to interact with co-workers can make it difficult for you. Chatting over slack and holding meetings over Zoom (or even other video apps) is the quickest way to stay in the loop.

Meetings and Collaborating 

In Zoom, some go-to features make your meeting more productive and flawless with Zoom.

Virtual background: One can upload clear backgrounds or videos to hide clutter or any other visual distractions, especially those who work in a spare bedroom, have their pets following them or working from the kitchen table.

Keeping it mute: One can use the spacebar on the keyboard to temporarily unmute themselves, it is advisable to stay on mute in large meetings, just in case your dog barks or someone rings the doorbell. Holding the spacebar and unmuting only when it’s needed makes it easier to manage the audio in the meeting.

Screen sharing: Screen sharing makes it easier to collaborate and understand the purpose of the project. Platforms like Zoom makes it easier on multiple efforts.

Integrating the calendar: While using the standard mailing platform like Gmail, it is also going through the specific window to integrate the calendar by going to the Zoom admin portal and connecting it or installing the G-suite plug in to make it super simple on adding the Zoom links.

Other Work From Home Tips: 

Usually, the trip to the coffee maker, water cooler or in-person meeting helps in breaking the monotonous pattern of the working hours and is important to keep up with a similar routine at home:

  • Get dressed: When you work at home in a presentable fashion, from head to toe, wearing an outfit that you would normally wear in the office, it helps you to work efficiently. Don’t start working with that ratty old shirt that you’d prefer wearing while cleaning a corner of your house.
  • Take a break: It is advisable to proactively take a break every hour, a lap around the area or take your dog out for a walk, but the load in the laundry or spend 15 minutes outside with your family. Go out and stretch, do something that is fun to keep your glued at work. We all know, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’
  • Communication: It is important to be communicative about your availability, publish your calendar so that others can see and understand your commitments. Block off the time that you are working on the projects, set reminders and reserve time for lunches and dinners.
  • Eliminate the chaos: It is advisable to shut the door and give yourself some time to endure the privacy and separation, especially when you’re at home. If the door isn’t a possibility, hang the curtain to separate the workspace. Close the tabs that would tempt you to constantly check on social media, setting a 10-minute meeting or two throughout your day to specifically check on feeds can give you a thread to look forward to.

Keep in mind that everyone in your team is sailing on the same boat, a bark of your dog or doorbell ringing isn’t the end of the world. It is important to do your best and prepare your workspace the way you want. Adjust accordingly to the new routine, work settings and shrug off the little things. Don’t fret- you are doing great.


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