Wordpress SEO : A perfect Site Structure for High Rankings

Posted by Anal Bhatt

March 15, 2013

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Now, WordPress is successfully installed after avoiding Duplicate content issue. Which We discuss on our Last Topic . WordPress refers to certain aspects of the website by very specific terms. When you already think to being deeper into WordPress then It is obvious that you should have perfect site structure for getting High Rankings.

Today We Will discuss a very important topic about How to make a perfect site structure in WordPress ?

Optimize WordPress Blog SEOIt is very much important that your website shows up in search engines with very good Traffic and high Rankings. If your writing skills are honed and you have spent a lots of time for researching the competition and analyse the Target audience very well , but Even though you would get high bounce Rate then It would be better concern with the Site Structure. A perfect Site Structure conclude a lot of things Like :

1) Template:-

As we discuss in previous article about How to Optimize Template in wordpress? You would get the better idea about optimizing the Template. In wordpress, first of all you need to understand the wordpress uses template files which shows the final page “ Look “ and content. You have an option to viewing several template files like :


With a multi post pages , Template file should be like this :


2) Header:-

The header is the structure that contains at the top of web page. Through Header we mentioned the Main Title of the Website, which is very important for our article. It may also referred as masthead, head, title and banner as well. The header is found within the header.php template file. The simple header code is :
<h1 id=”header”></h1>

3) SideBar:-

With the Default Theme, Whatever we used template file it will be decide the sidebar can be visible or not. The sidebar can be simple or complex. In wordpress theme the sidebar shows within the nested lists. If you don’t have to use nested list of your sidebar , it’s all Up to you. If you use the nested list then you must need to know how they work?The sidebar usually placed on the right or left hand side of the web page. But, in some case it will be found on site with two sidebars, one on each side of the main content.

4) Content:-

The content plays the most important role in WordPress. It contains the WordPress Loop which processes each post to be displayed on the current page and formats it within the Loop tags. The classic theme features a date, Title, Post Meta Data, Post Content and Feedback. It has only the ability to make a style of single post’s look.

With the use of template tag the ID () generates the ID number of the post. This provides a unique identifier for internal page links as well as for styles.

The Default theme content contains the features doe a different look for multi- post views like the front page, categories, archives and searches and also shows a different single post view for single posts.

5) Footer:-

The footer is found within the footer.php template file with both the Default and classic theme. The footer’s content is style with the credit class and the paragraph and cite tags. This tag display the number of mySql Queries which used on the page and the time which took for the page to load in HTML commented code. It is only visible within the page’s source code. But, You have an option to display on the page but before that you should remove the comments. It’s look like credit class style (CSS) of the paragraph Tag.

6) MenuBar:-

Menus are known as a Prime link for top-level site structure. It is very easy to set up in WordPress , It’s up to you that which theme you are going to be choose for your site and different menu feature supports in WordPress. You just simply go to Appearance > Menus and set up the Menu . With the MenuBar you can easily manage single and multi-level Menus and Build your menus with selecting multiple items like Home, front Page, heading , Tag , Tag List and Category , Search Box, Page, Page Tree with any combination.

7) Categories, Archives, and Meta:-

The categories, Archives and Meta are the other sidebar section which are not use with template tags because it generated their own titles. The Best practise to use <h1> tag once on each page with the main keyword. The <h2> tag make the second level in your content structure which you can be used few times on each page. The same rules goes with the whole content. I have been used the Tool for optimizing tags which really very easy to delete & redirect , Merge tags or other taxonomies.

These are the key points of making your perfect website structure in wordpress Blog Now it will be very easy for you to make it more creative your website structure. In the Next article we will tell you about Conversion optimization , which is vitally important for bloggers.



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