Why Should You Embrace Inbound Marketing?

Posted by Bakul Sengal

October 31, 2014

Inbound Marketing 12 min read

Businesses who want to follow current trends of the market and early-adopting competitors, for it is important to think about inbound marketing. The best thing about inbound marketing is that it helps you to convert your B2B sales channel in the best way. You can approach any reputed inbound marketing agency to get inbound marketing services for your business.

By educating, engaging, and interacting with your potential customers, you can:

1) Nurture prospective leads into potential customers
2) Carry out the process of converting potential visitors into quality leads
3) Gain the attention of users towards your website

Inbound marketing is all about attracting the right customers and content forms the main medium of attracting them. This marketing allows several businesses to be found naturally by gathering potential leads who are interested to buy products/services sold by you. However, it is essential to have all the right tools for achieving true success.

It helps in customer engagement with your targeted users by connecting them with useful and informative content through search engines and sharing links. For instance, a skillfully crafted blog that describes a blogger’s favourite product will speak to potential customers in a different manner which a banner ad can’t.

To explain it in other words, inbound marketing provides value to customers who are searching for information related to your products/services. If you are opting for inbound marketing services, then it is very important to exercise some patience, and also it is important to give people a reason to pay attention.

Inbound marketing is a procedure that basically consists of:

1) Building web traffic – It is about attracting a targeted audience to your site.
2) Generating leads – Converting probable visitors into leads.
3) Sales growth – Turning potential leads into customers.
4) ROI analysis – Using Google Analytics tool for enhancement of your site performance.

Inbound marketing campaign comprises of following key elements:

1) Set smart and achievable goals
2) Developing buyer’s persona
3) Make an offer
4) Creating conversion path and workflow development
5) E-mail/Blog
6) Leveraging the power of social media
7) Analyze


The reality is that customers buy any product/service only when they are ready and interested to buy, but not vice versa. The key to winning customers is to take care of them effectively by making use of the right content stream when they are ready to purchase a product/service from you.

A successful inbound marketing campaign has usually 3 main components namely preparation, promotion, and analysis. Let us discuss these components in brief:


1) Set smart and achievable goals
2) Setting up workflow
3) Defining buyer persona/Developing remarkable content
4) Building conversion paths


1) Talk or discuss it on social media
2) E-mail existing contacts
3) Blogs that have topics related to your offers
4) Creating relevant display and PPC Ads


1) Detailed tracking of every step of the process
2) SEO/PPC/Social Media
3) E-mail and Blogging
4) Display
5) Call-to-action & Landing pages

Following are some of the few steps that will help you to achieve inbound marketing success:-

1) Re-evaluate your current marketing strategy

2) Communicate with your marketing team to discuss with them whether inbound marketing is the right step or not

3) Analyze your marketing position in the industry in relation to inbound marketing

4)Put together your own plan

It can be said that inbound marketing creates several opportunities for attracting and converting your targeted audience into valuable clients.


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