Why Google Makes Changes In Page Title?

Posted by Sanket Patel

September 17, 2012

Google 9 min read

Have you ever though of Why Page Titles are Important?

The page title of your web page is the main heading shown in the search engines whenever somebody searches for his query. So, you need to create such titles for your web page that can attract people and tempts them to click on it. From the titles of your web page, Google determines the content of your website and what your website is about. Therefore, a well written content with title will provide the search engines with more precise keywords to rank you for.

Page titles are frequently quoted as one of the main and vital elements for consideration to search engine optimization. You should not only include the most relevant and popular keywords in your title tag, but also think from users point of view and their requirements because Google certainly consider users view and sometimes alter a page’s title for the search results page.

Are you aware why Google often modify your title?

Page Titles are mostly ignored by some webmasters or they put very little or no effort on the title of their content. Without the search term in the Title, a considerable number of customers will merely not see your result. They will skip over it since it doesn’t appear like relevant.

Google often modify your title for the reason that they think it will help boost the click-through rate on your result. Every now and then Google considers like it knows better and will put back a common title tag with somewhat it considers as more suitable. Sometimes, Google won’t entirely modify your title, but in its place will add to it by putting the domain name at the end of your title. Keeping the domain name directly below the title enhances the importance of your content as the domain can be an indicator of reliance if the user has a resemblance for that site throughout personal knowledge or additional marketing efforts.

Is Altering Titles by Google is fine or appalling?

Google alters the title because it of the fact that it wants to perk up the search quality so as to satisfy the users and to measure the impact of these changes. Google adjusts your title for several reasons because it supposes that it can improve relevance and customer satisfaction. The prominence on altering the title is on the whole identifying the title to the query term.


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