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Posted by Sanket Patel

May 24, 2012

Social Media 7 min read

A new social networking website, So.cl has been launched by Microsoft. So.Cl stands for “Social” that has been invented by its FUSE Labs. With the help of this social networking site, user can easily share images, links and posts although all of these feeds are integrated by So.Cl onto one visually attractive profile page. Because of its being the OS giant’s next big attempt, it is pronounced as “Social” by its users.

According to Microsoft, it is combination of social networking and search that is helpful for users to search and share interesting web pages. Apart from that, it also offers rich media sharing and real-time video sharing to the users. One can say that So.cl is the best combination of Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. With just single post, user can able to share videos, pictures, links and other updates collectively. One of the best features about So.cl is users able to see video along with their friends and followers.

A new button has been introduced by Microsoft that is available with So.cl. Just like Facebook Share or Google’s +1 button, this button also shares all the interesting content from the web. Bing’s public API is used by So.cl for searching data. It is mentioned by the company that they are creating an experimental research project by using minimal set of features for the reason of learning.

Microsoft describes So.cl as being an “experiment in social search”, which can be used by user either a Windows Live or Facebook ID to gain access. A slick site greets user that looks to seize some design cues from Google+ along with the ability to attach your interests, set up “video parties” through which one can chat each other about the latest hilarious YouTube clip and  all the usual sharing, tagging and commenting tools you’d be expecting.

This networking site also includes tons of educational systems such as Edmodo and others by which one can set up private networks.


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