Which Is More Productive In Marketing: FB Ads Or Google Ads?

Posted by Sanket Patel

August 24, 2012

PPC 9 min read

As we all know that Google is a search engine and Facebook is a social networking site. Here we are talking only about the advertising competence of Facebook and Google AdWords.  Advertising in search engines is totally different from advertising on social networks as the intention of the users of social sites like Facebook, is generally not to look for your advertisements. On the other hand, the users of search engines such as Google mostly want to see your advertisements.

Before selecting the right platform for advertisement, you first have to find out the purpose of your advertisement whether you are doing this for selling your product and service or you are simply doing this for brand awareness. If you want to do an advertisement for selling your product then the best platform is Google AdWords, as this uses the different targeted keywords which people mostly use while searching the solution for their query or for any product and services on search engines. So, there are more chances of cost per click on Google than the cost per click on Facebook. On the other hand, if you are interested in making brand awareness of your product then Facebook will be the best platform for you. A social site like Facebook can help you to built enduring relationships with targeted audiences.

People more often prefer search engines for taking out the necessary information. So, there is very little demand for Facebook ads, which automatically leads to cost less money on Facebook ads compared to the cost per click on Google. Apart from this issue, you are allowed to put photographs and other graphics as an ordinary part of your ad format on Facebook which should include only 90 characters with a small photograph or graphic. But on Google, you are only supposed to use awareness related graphics if you are planning to create banner ads.

You can have sophisticated targeting of the audience on Facebook than Google. This is because you have the access to some of the demographic characteristics and likings of the audience of Facebook, which can help you in a big way to target the particular audiences.

The conclusion is that both Facebook and Google are the best platforms for advertising. You can build your image as well as brand awareness very cost-effectively to a highly targeted audience by advertising through Facebook. And can focus on deriving traffic to your site through advertising on Google. So, both are highly productive platforms that give the opportunity to the advertisers to achieve greater results.


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