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Posted by Shubham Tiwari

February 02, 2015

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Meeting a client to discuss their objectives and requirements pertaining to a campaign could be quiet an exciting rendezvous. It could be very rewarding if you develop the practice of planning the implementation of new strategies for increasing brand awareness, providing valuable information to the audience, attract, increase sales, or simply generate more traffic.

However, the same could not be said about content marketing as sometimes the excitement could turn into worry. You are good in writing exceptional content. You have great research skills. But, do you know what your client actually wants from you. Have you ever considered asking your client the question about the same? There are certain things that you won’t be able to find answers about and only your client could help in clarifying that.

Get Your Inquisitive Skills All Set And Ask Your Clients

Here is something that you could do to effectively produce compelling content, and all enhance your relationship with the client kin the process. Quality content is also possible by interviewing the clients about their business and their goals. As far as their business is concerned, your clients are the best source of information. They are relying on your word to promote their business and this establishes a base for a solid relationship. If you are having an honest one-on-one session before and during the implementation of the content marketing strategy, the boat of your content would be guided towards the right direction and inspire you to create the content as required by the industry, the client, and more importantly the end users.


Ask Your Client To Pitch In

The real challenge lies in creating a rapport with the client. So, how would you do that? You will need to hone your communication skills to get to know him or her better. Let them tell you what they do, how they do it, what are the short/long term goals that they are pursuing. On finding the most accurate answers to these questions, you could start digging deeper. Ask the client and know clearly what they expect out of you.

5 Ways To Get Killer Content Ideas From The Clients

When you are crafting content for other businesses, it is not as easy as it would have been to craft content for your own business. However, you could simplify the process by asking the clients to answer the following questions. Time to become inquisitive and dive deep into the minds of the clients to know more about the business.

1) What are the ambitions
Those who own a business, realize how the journey from start up to the sustained accelerated growth is quite challenging with lots of ups and downs. Still they thought big and set up big goals for themselves and the business. Talk to your clients about their business related ambitions. How the new content will help them in achieving their ambitions. Is it supposed to encourage an action, build brand authority, increase brand awareness, stimulate sales, or target a segment of the audience? Each single objective will require a unique approach.

2) Ask the reason of the existence of the business
The next thing that you would want to do is to get a little personal with the client. Why do they do business in a particular sector, when there are numerous other options available? What is it that keeps them motivated to carry on the business? Discover the hidden passion that drives the client to run the business. This gives you an ideas of the kinds of expressions that should be incorporated with the content and the toe of the content, along with the writing style will just be right.

3) Who Is the Target  Audience?
It is vital to know from whom you are writing. Identify the ideal prospects of the client that helps you to determine the needs, demands and the expectations of the audience and influence your content on the basis of the same. Your client and especially the sales team in the organization would know the best answer for this and thus help you in creating a targeted content.

4) Now move to the product or the service
How exactly does the client’s product or service will make difference to the life of the end user. What are their weak and strong points? What will be the main attributes that will enable the product or service of your client to outperform the counterparts.

5) Identify what troubles the customer
Identify what are the common causes of the troubles faced by the ideal customer after buying or testing the clients’ product. What is their customer satisfaction policy? How do they look upon the customers and what measures are taken by them to ensure that the customer is highly satisfied with the way their problem has been solved by the product or the service.

Targeting this particular aspect through your content will help in striking a chord with the right audience and build a positive image in their mind about the client’s brand.

Follow This Steps To Simply Rock With Your Copy

It could be quite a daunting task to create a new quality content for the client. However, it will be quite easy when you look upon the business from the perspective of your client. It should be now understood by all the online marketers that the people who required your writing are the ones who could feed the creativity along with giving their expert industry insights in order to help you in understanding the concepts that you’re trying to highlight.

Once the clients know that the content marketing will rock with their own insights, they will be generous enough to help you out.


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