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Posted by Ajay Chandnani

June 28, 2013

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With a motive to make the internet a better and secured place against all odds, the giant among all search engines, Google is continuously making a lot of changes in its rules, protocols and algorithms. One of the clear intentions is to provide a healthy and pleasant browsing experience to the users across the globe. Every new update puts a great impact upon the spam and spammers to ensure the genuineness of the internet.

It is hard to determine or predict the updates whenever Google makes them. However SEO has turned out to be a lot better when compared to its earlier stage. One can find some improved opportunities to achieve the goals for his online campaign. On the other hand it is gradually becoming a no entry zone for the spammers. However the mission is still not over and more updates are still on their way.

Google update

Recently Matt Cutts announced the upcoming update of Google again. The announcement has made a row of rumors and buzz in SEO with the people making ideas about Google’s next take. Although the Google has confirmed about its new update, there is still some time for this update to get complete. The proposed time for the new update to be launched between the people would be on or after 4th of July 2013.

According to the sources, the update will be related to a “multi-week” roll out. Google planned this update in response of the “car insurance” spam on Twitter. The resources also revealed that Google has received a lot of feedback upon the searches like “pay day loans” on its UK site. Being an efficient search engine Google instantly has found the ways to tackle with this situation. More specifically this is a strategy to avoid spamming.

The update furthermore has nothing to deal with any of the Google’s algorithm. This is completely in response to oppose and stop the so called spam algorithm. Meanwhile no such specific predictions can be made about the updates. All the things the people can do are to wait for the final announcement of Matt Cutts, when he will release the update in front of the world. However many of the SEO enthusiasts are trying to get the details of this update from many other blogs and forums.

Just like its previous updates, it is expected that Google will again plan a heavy action with its soon to be released update. These regular updates may be useful to stop spammers, but at the same time the other users in the SEO have to look out for the new strategies to survive in the environment of new updates every time. Now, this new update would be a deciding factor whether people will again have to look for new strategies or to continue with the same.


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